Question for everyone who has run

Anyone have success with getting rid of the surgery stitches area/site scar tissue?

I find it quite thick and doesn’t move over the prosthetic that well, so after a 10K of walk/running, I have stinging very specific pain right at the scar that goes away shortly after I finish…..I also find that when I bend over girls whistle, so does the odd guy. Kidding, butt I find that I can feel the scar area slide over the prosthetic… a tight elastic.

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  1. My scar is still there but have not suffered the same issue. A little initially but 3 years later and many races ( longest 25 miles of coastal trail) and all feels well.

  2. I’m almost 9 months out and still get the “snakebite” sting around the 4″ scar … and the tissue is a little thicker there. Have tried massage and rolling; rolling feels a little weird because it feels like it’s right on the hardware (which it’s not). Lately I’ve noticed just the flexor muscle (rectus femoris?) over the surgery area gets sore after longer runs, but rest and some gentle stretching seems to help. I think it’s maybe one of those long term healing things that will just take time to go away.

  3. Hi Christopher. 5.5 years since o had mine and I don’t experience that anymore. I am sure over time you will find that this feeling goes away.

  4. Hi Christopher! I also had a pretty good amount of scar tissue build up and even a weird ‘dent’ in my hip that it is even here more than 2 years+ THR — I think b/c of the amount they had to cut to get into my jacked up hip. rolling is really good to keep that tissue moving — also some deep tissue massage, maybe with some oils and heat? Fact is the scar tissue will be there but it will slowly slowly just get less and less noticeable. Good luck!

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