7 Months Post Op – Time takes Time

Quick check in fellow Hippies.

In the past 7 months, I’ve regained almost everything I feared losing and more. I’ve been incredibly focused and disciplined, however there are good days and bad. I really only mention this because I can forget it was only last October I had my hip replaced. The last few weeks have been challenging, with nerve / joint / soft tissue pain. It’s easy to let my mind get the best of me and jump to conclusions.  With the amount of rehab and training I’ve done its not a large leap from leg pain to ” OH SHIT – REVISION ” fear. Fortunately, my surgeon is very accommodating. I’ve seen him twice since he’s declared my hip totally healed.

This last visit he explained in much greater detail, about some of the nerves and soft tissue around the site. What I’m feeling is totally consistent with normal post surgical healing. The other discomfort will gradually dissipate, and its totally appropriate to take a few days off to rest. Rest and Advil.

Hardware is great. Soft tissue takes time.  My big swim race is in June, I have to remember to listen to my body.

Sometimes the answer is DO NOTHING.

Good news – Hip is healed. Next scheduled check in 24 months from now.



4 thoughts on “7 Months Post Op – Time takes Time

  1. Great report on how things are feeling. I’m ~9 months out and have similar aches on occasion, usually after a bigger day. Also practicing training + discipline, trying to get back into somewhat half decent shape after the long slow painful slide and then surgery. Rests are definitely warranted and a good thing, you come out stronger on the other side. My doc said really, it’s a full 18 months to _full_ healing if one is athletic and active. It just takes time. Cheers and best!

  2. Thank you for posting this. I’m just over six months and am definitely feeling the same aches and pains and panic every time that I’ve done some damage! Since I always get over those days I know it can’t be true but it’s hard not to be scared, especially with all the warnings that appear on other hip replacement forums and the majority medical opinion (here in the UK at least) that people with replacement hips shouldn’t run!

    I’m running three times a week, short distances, trying to build up slowly. The pains come when I do too much other stuff as well. Working out which is which isn’t always easy. Keep up the good work!

  3. I’m almost 6 months post open sand have recently been experiencing the same nerve/ joint/ soft tissue pain and the anxiety that comes with it. I’m 65, and started back refereeing soccer games after 4 months and back golfing a month after that. I have recently been refereeing 4 or 5 times a week and golfing once or twice. My wife has convinced me now that I should cut back and give myself some more healing time in between……wives are always so practical…(and right….!!). Haven’t seen my surgeon since about 4 weeks post open and look forward to a 6 month follow up for reassurance. Reading yours and others experiences is definitely a help.

    Thank you…..!!

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