Sprint Triathlon Summer Race Series #1

Rocking my new HipRunner shirt after the Charleston Sprint  Tri race this morning.   Number 4 in my age group with a 12:28 swim (600 yds) 33:25 ride (12 miles) & 22:35 (5K).  Not my best ever but my best with dual hip replacements and there are are four more races this summer to improve.  My girlfriend’s son DJ took second in his age group.. his 1st tri ever!


5 thoughts on “Sprint Triathlon Summer Race Series #1

  1. Congrats Bryant, great times for your post THR tri. Damn, great times for anyone. Congrats and good luck on improving those times.

  2. It’s almost not fair to the other racers – all of the bionics that you have in you right now… 😉 Great Job!

  3. Thanks guys! Woo Hoo.. running with replacement parts rocks! And I do love the shirt. Dave.. I see you on Strava. Looks like a great tri community in Tampa. May need to make the drive for a race 🙂

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