Easter Saturday Half marathon.

Okay,here’s my race report at long last ( I can hear Dave Whiteside saying,not before time!!)

As a family of runners,well mostly,we decided mid 2016 to run Two Oceans ultra marathon and 21km which is held in Cape Town on Easter Saturday. Training was going well with a few hiccups in between but one by one younger family members pulled out due to work commitments until there were 3. Myself,my husband and oldest daughter. Husband and I elected to do the 21km whilst I had passed the mantle of running the 56km to my daughter deciding that perhaps an ultra was not the best way to treat 2 hip replacements 😀( I have done 14 of them). Good Friday dawned & we were down to 2 runners,husband having gone down with a severe throat infection 🙈.
Race day was brilliant,temperature at the start was a tad on the chilly side for me at 10C. I had a blast of a run from start to finish even though I was extremely nervous as I knew what major hills lay ahead. I finished strong even though I was venting my frustration at the lack of my speed. My finishing time was 2:38 which is extremely slow for me as I’d normally do a half marathon in 1:40. I’m convinced that my surgeon took out my speed motor when he replaced my hips 🤣. For me,it’s very frustrating but at the end of the day I know I should be grateful that I’m still on the road & able to run.

5 thoughts on “Easter Saturday Half marathon.

  1. I’ll be getting a hip replaced within the next four months. All these stories of running again! I know I’ll be back on the road again and in my happy place.

    1. You’ll definitely be back in a happy place! 🙂 Please keep us informed and feel free to join now. That way you can post any questions you have to the entire group.


  2. Great job Felicity, you stuck with the task and you got it done. Sometimes I think it’s harder knowing you’re going to be out there longer than usual, it’s easy to give up but you kept up with the training and you finished the job. If I can ever shake my issues I will look to do this or Comrads one year. Keep up the good work.

  3. Felicity, I am so impressed with you. Especially after 14 hip replacements… 😉 (kidding). No really, I can’t believe you’ve actually done 14 of these longer distance events. That in itself is amazing. But to run this with 2 hip replacements? Awesome! You are awesome! Keep representing Hip Runner in South Africa. You are a great ambassador! I have two 25k mountain runs coming up. I hope I can report back a post as positive as yours.

    1. Read it again Tom. Maybe I didn’t make it clear,sorry. I did the 14 ultras before I had my hips replaced 🤣 that’s why I’ve passed it over now to my daughter. It was after my last ultra that I had to have the first hip done as I could definitely feel it on the monster hills.

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