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This is my first post – although I’ve been reading others’ posts since I found this site a few months ago – and I am so inspired by everyone!  I am 6 months post-op since my right THR and 7 weeks less since my left THR.  I am looking for advice on how much and how often to increase my running time/distance.  I’m more of a jogger than a runner, and not worried about my speed.  I’m up to 25 minutes continuous jogging right now, but I’m not sure what kind of training schedule I should follow with two new hips.  I’d appreciate hearing thoughts/advice from others who have been through this before!

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  1. Let your hip be your guide Linda. Training for hip runners is different because you have to listen to the hip. Especially during the early months. Don’t train through pain. If the hip starts hurting, give it a day or two off. Then start running again. Whatever training plan you use, let the hip guide you through it. I will tell you that I didn’t start feeling close to nirmal until around 16 months. But prior to that I was able to get myself back up to around 30 and 40 mile weeks.

  2. Jeez Tom, I didn’t know you felt Nirmil. I know a Nirmil. I guess he’d appreciate it.

    Tom, My surgeon said, “It takes 16 months.” Interesting.


    Are you using trekking poles? I am. I had the right done Dec 2. It takes some of the weight off of the hip and also allows you to run straight, in-line, if you have any issue with that. It is also great if you do steep up hill trails, for stability. I am up to two hours on the trails, but they REALLY vary and there is lots of steep both directions, so that is great for the lower leg too, as some of the power and shock resistance (sort of speak) is absorbed by the strong, feet, ankle, lower leg when they are strong. Imagine just the opposite of heel striking on pavement (I shudder at the thought), which of course radiates right up the leg to the hip.

    There is so much power to be developed in the dorsi-flexion and plantar-flexion.

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