Hip Resurfacing

It’s now been 20 weeks since my hip resurfacing surgery.  I’m continuing to get stronger.  Walking strong without pain.  Some light jogging for tenth of a mile but could jog more.  Am following doctor’s suggestion not to run for 6 months post surgery.  Am lifting weights to get stronger.  Can do leg squats with 120 pounds without problem and single leg lifts with 30 pounds ok.  Can squat completely to base of machine.  Leg lunges with 20 pounds in each hand still have limited range of motion but improving.  Can do repeated single leg lifts on platforms at 24 inch height.  Am swimming and biking with no problems.  I anticipate full recovery and plan on running a 5k in 10 weeks from now and a half marathon next March.

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  1. Hi CMC – congratulations on getting a BHR from Dr Su and your recovery so far. I am impressed by your restraint in staying away from running until six months! My BHR dates from Nov 2014 and has been subjected to running, cycling, rock climbing and hillwalking since about 9 weeks with no problems so far. The running includes 90 5k’s, 2 10k races and a 13 mile training run done at the 12 month mark as a test. No half-marathon race because the other hip became too painful. This was going to get a BHR 6 weeks ago but the femoral head broke during the op so I now have a ceramic/polythene THR. I am on the verge of starting to jog on this as I am 66 and time is flying by…

  2. Petemeads, – A running buddy of mine, who got a BHR from Dr. Su, referred me to Dr. Su and has repeatedly urged me to restrain from running for at least 6 months and even longer to give my hip plenty of time to heal. He told me of another athlete who had a BHR but at 3 months post op fell off his bike and broke the head of the femur and had to have a THR. Your running post op is impressive and encourages me. I’m age 67 and on the back side of my running. It will be interesting to see if I can find the desire to train again for longer distances. It is tempting to try at least one marathon and maybe even an Ironman just to see if I can do it again after the BHR. We’ll see. Best wishes, CMC

  3. Update – ran 5k slowly (31:43) yesterday without hip problems but significant puffing and panting due to lost fitness during recuperation. Can still walk this morning but muscles a bit tender. Note I would not recommend such recklessness to others!


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