Prayer Request for my appointment with my Orthopedic PA on Thursday

I have an appointment with my primary care physician on Tuesday, 13 June 17, at 1:30 p. m. and one with my Orthopedic PA Gretchen Mason on Thursday, 15 June 17, at 1:00 p. m. I would appreciate your prayers for both. The one with Gretchen at OISI will be on the one year anniversary of my hip revision surgery. I REALLY HOPE to return to doing SOME RUNNING as part of my physical regime ASAP. Gretchen is an avid runner too, and in October she told me, “We recommend with the hip replacements that you don’t return to running, as that will be added wear and tear on the appliance resulting in it having to be replaced sooner; but, if it were I, I would want to do the same.” I have found a neat website called HIP RUNNER, and all the folks there have returned to running after hip replacement surgeries. I really hope and pray I can do the same. Thank you for your prayers. BTW all listed times are CDT. “Longing to Return to Running for Jesus ASAP, David Reynolds, “Pastor Dave”–HEBREWS 12:1-3 <3 <3 <3


4 thoughts on “Prayer Request for my appointment with my Orthopedic PA on Thursday

  1. I have done some reading and all that I could find with wear and tear is in the appliances from revisions and from cadavers who died with a good one in them.

    The wear rates were so low, it was in the .001 range or some ridiculous number on average.

    I think Surgeons are very careful to the extreme because a revision or a failure does not look good on their history.

    I believe the problem with revisions is more due to the loosening of the appliance from within the femur or the femoral head and acetabular-thing (sp) coming loose.

    Personally, I would rather get 10 good years of running + a revision, rather than 25 years of no running; different strokes (of which I hope I don’t have one, unless it is an instant killer, ha. Morbid).

    Anyway, as a devout Athiest, I could pray, but no one would be listening. Were you being metaphorical or are you a person who practices religion?

    I would pray to my god but Paul McCartney is actually- believe it or not – mortal. I do however, believe there is a karma-like balance going on. Perhaps you deserve to run as much as you would like to free from issues and full of joy.

    May that be the case; good karma and voodoo and homeostasis to you, sir.

  2. Thank you for your words of encouragement, Christopher. I have done a “cut-and paste” of your post and sent as a FB message to my PA who is also an avid runner. I HOPE others will post RSVPS here as well. I began running at age 20 on the original Kenneth Cooper AEROBICS plan, and at age 69, I REALLY DON’T WANT TO QUIT. The late Jim Fixx, THE COMPLETE BOOK OF RUNNING, and I also became friends and corresponded with each other until his tragic, untimely death circa 1982. He inspired me to follow “in his steps” and run the distance around the equator. I set out to do that on September 15, 1978, and I accomplished it on PEARL HARBOR DAY, Saturday, December 7, 1996, over fourteen months BEFORE my 50th birthday on February 18, 1998.

  3. Nice work. It is all about the aerobic engine first and foremost. I am a Lydiard geek to the extreme and am well connected to the Lydiard Foundation and was the first Lydiard Foundation certified coach in Canada and one of the first ever.

    The Complete Book of Running is good stuff.

    You will run again. And pardon me, but because you are not 25 or 35, if you know what I mean, I suggest going whole hog on the running in a well-planned process….



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