phantom leg pain?

21 months out from first hip replacement on left side. Last few weeks have had some pain in my left leg, lower thigh area towards the outside/back and about 4 to 5 inches above my knee. Pain seems to radiate through the back of my knee? Primarily when I get up after sitting or first thing in the morning. It comes and goes but not an issue when exercising. When its “on” however I can barely walk without limping. Anyone have anything similar? Going to see doctor but wanted to feel the water with the HipRunner crew.. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “phantom leg pain?

  1. Yes. I’m out the same amount of time as you. Same issue. I found if I stretch my hamstrings and do a few other leg stretches, it keeps the pain away.

  2. Have you ruled out IT Band Syndrome?

    It sorta doesn’t and sorta does sound like it could be. The IT Band, I am certain, from basic logic will be one of the first soft tissue complaints to happen, as the leg muscles atrophied and was affected by surgery and in most cases the IT Band is snipped and re-attached.

    When your leg bend (doing dips/Squats) how is the tracking? Is the knee bending inward more than the right side? Could be stressed, not unlike when a women’s hips go wide in their late teens, they often get IT band and MCL/ACL issues, because the distance from the hip to the knee is not straight down but going inward.

    I know that my IT Band was snipped and the quad muscles atrophied and there can be pain radiating about with some running – I have to remind myself it is the weak muscles and IT band being stressed and not the femur or any part of the skeleton….

  3. Bryant.

    Your training has picked up and I am guessing, as a result of that you’re seeing this issue. The body is an amazing things. When one area is weak, other parts take over to compensate. Like Christopher said, it does “sound” like the IT band. At any rate, give the knee/hip a rest for a day or 2 and see if you have any improvement. There are different rules now that you have a hip replacement, running through pain, is not a recommended one. 🙂 Good Luck.


  4. Thanks guys.. Funny thing is its magically gone today. Not even a hint and I had a nice run this morning. I am sure that it is not an IT Band issue as I’ve had that curse before in the same leg. Who knows.. sciatica?. I started some light yoga two weeks ago as well. Maybe related to that. Rest & stretching are in order. Going to stick with the bike and swim for a few days.
    Sometimes I actually forget I’ve had two hip replacements and am 54 years old… I need the reminder now and then!

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