9 weeks post-op

Hi all, just a brief update on the last few weeks. Jogged my first 5K in 31:54 three days before my 6 week check up, it went surprisingly well considering. Since then I have done a 5k parkrun every Saturday, progression has been 30:50, 29:18, 27:16 and limpiness has been improving quickly. Three climbing sessions, mainly bouldering, have been negotiated successfully and I am getting more confident in the strength of the new hip at the limits of its range. Surgeon is happy for me to bike outdoors so there have been several trips which culminated last week in a 30-mile solo ride at 17.5 mph and a long 58 mile ride with my son at 16 mph last Sunday – standing on the pedals where necessary.

Basically, I’m nearly back to normal except for 5k pace, which I am trying to improve by gym treadmill work. I was tempted to take on 10k as a target but it is probably too soon, my first attempt was 80 mins but involved a lot of wobbly jogging…

Onwards and Upwards!


2 thoughts on “9 weeks post-op

  1. Wow Pete! 6 weeks in I would say you are ahead of schedule. Your hip will be good to you. Just be sure to give it a rest when it tells you to. I started running at 3 months but I didn’t feel like the hip was at full strength until around 16 months. Kudos to you and getting back on the horse. Even better days are coming.

  2. I’m also very impressed with the level you are at! I’m 5 weeks post surgery and no where near ready to start running. Maybe it’s fear? But I was told not to attempt to run or do any impact until the 12 week mark as you want to make sure there is bone growth enough to stabilize the new socket or acetabulum. I have been walking a lot and using the elliptical. This week I started deep water running. I would like the recovery to be faster but everyone has told me to be patient. Good luck to you but listen to your body

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