Pain in the butt? Literally

Hi all

I’m 5 weeks post surgery from right THR Anterior approach, and doing great.  Been walking all over and using the elliptical, and this week the doctor gave me the go ahead to swim so I’m taking deep water running, and pool boot camp at my gym.  Here is my question…has anyone been experiencing or experienced during their recovery pain in the buttocks?  I think it’s the piriformos muscle?  It kills me.  I have mentioned this to the physical therapist and she said it’s because I’m using muscles I haven’t used in over a year due to my limping and not being able to fully exercise. The hip feels great I’m just having these muscle issues!



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  1. Hi Cara. Definitely sounds like the Piriformis. It’s only a small muscle but if it gets tight it can cause a lot of pain in the buttock region. So you’re right it’s a pain in the bum.
    It’s quite tricky to exercise it but there are plenty of you tube videos etc to help.
    Take care Graham

    1. Thank you Graham. My PT person has been working it and trying to loosen it. Also said I should roll on it which I will do…I’ll check out You tube also

  2. I would tend to agree with the PT. You’re only a few weeks out. I have a butt pain also, but I’m almost a year out, and it’s on the opposite leg. Hamstring tendinopathy, is the diagnosis. The operated hip is a champ but since I’ve been ramping up running, I’ve gotten sore high on the back of the opposite thigh, under butt. Turns out women tend to overuse the hamstring muscles more than the glutes when extending the leg for walking/running, and that can aggravate the hamstrings. Anyway it sounds like your pain is just re-awakening muscles. You will probably experience more odd little pains as things start to return to normal (be patient, it takes a while) — oddest one has been the “snakebite” sting around the surgery scar. Just take ‘er easy and listen to your body, and enjoy getting back in the swing of things!

    1. Thank you Carolyn! I know I have to be patient but that’s the hardest thing when you want to get back to exercising. I will watch out and try not to hurt anything else when I do start running again. I’m giving myself til September 1st (12 weeks) before I attempt to run. Hopefully by then my muscles will be warmed up after all the swimming and walking and elliptical. ;-))

  3. I definitely agree with Carolyn. I’m nearly 9 months post op and have had all sorts of odd aches and pains as my body has readjusted to having a hip joint in the right place again. It’ll pass. I have very few niggles now even though I’m running more ( although still only about 15-20 miles a week) Don’t worry.

    1. Thank you Jenny. when did you do your first run post surgery? I’m told to wait til the 3 month mark but just curious

  4. Good luck with the recovery. I’m 4 years post and still have glute med discomfort on occasion. Usually around 2.5 miles into a run. I’ve been having regular sessions with a ‘strain/counterstrain’ osteopath who has worked wonders for me. I’d suggest letting your body recover and then ensuring you have a daily stretching routine. I also use a spiky ball to lay on and release the piriformous.

    Hope this helps

    1. Thank you Michael
      The PT person has me rolling on a ball back there and it kills! but hoping that helps loosen that muscle

  5. I didn’t feel like I was finally fully recovered until around 16 months. That didn’t stop me from starting my running routine at 3 months. The best thing you can do for yourself is take a rest. Running with a hip replacement is a new world, but taking care of yourself and avoiding the mentality of “pushing through the pain” will have big payoffs for you down the road. Use that spiky ball that Michael mentions above (or a nice foam roller). Patience is a virtue but I totally get your desire to get going again.

    1. Thank you Tom….you are right and the hardest thing I’m having trouble with is knowing when to push and when to rest. It makes me feel better to know you were not feeling totally healed for that long. I’m still frustrated I still can’t get all the way down to tie my shoe! but it’s only been now 5 1/2 weeks so I have to manage my expectations. I have a big circle on September 1st on my calendar as that is when they tell me I will be healed enough for me to get back to boxing and yoga in addition to light running. I’ll just be patient until then! 😉

  6. When I first step into the basketball court 16 months after my THR, I was so glad I can move freely without pain. Not competitive game play but at least I’m running and moving the way I want it. Prior to the game, I do strengthening exercise at the gym and thought I was ready and recovered to some extend. But the day after the game, I can feel all sort of muscle pain in my body. I agree that these are muscles that got forgotten in the past few years becuase of my hip problem and they are awaken again! Your body will get used to it again in no time. Good luck!

  7. I had the same pain for a few months, especially when sitting for a long time. It eventually faded away to nothing.

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