Running after hip-resurfacing surgery

Yesterday was the 6-month mark following my hip resurfacing surgery and time for me to start my long up-hill climb to running once again. I jogged for about 8 minutes mixing in some walking.  My hip felt great.  No pain.  Just a lot of sluggishness from inactivity.  I’ve put on 10 pounds.  I eyed the scales as though it were my enemy.  6 months of high-calorie food and drink with minimal workouts and low cardio exercise is a bad routine.  High intake and low output.  But my hip is so much better.  Today I jogged 4 laps around a track with rest in between each lap.  My last lap was 2:29, about a 10-minute pace for a mile.  My energy level is already so much higher with this minimal amount of exercise.  My outlook is already better.  I’m a real believer in hip resurfacing surgery.  It sure has worked for me.  I plan to take a very slow recovery over the next 6 months and build up to a half marathon, then a marathon possibly by next May 2018.


2 thoughts on “Running after hip-resurfacing surgery

  1. Great job and welcome back to the running,do what feels best,i start running after 6weeks and did my first ultra after five months. Now i should see my orthophed 11/8 for the next hip and i hope this will go as smoth as my first thr.
    Keep on running and have fun.
    Mvh Anders Jelander/Sweden.

  2. Great Report CMC! You are one of a handful of individuals who opted for hip resurfacing over THR. Your progress reports will be helpful for those who are on the fence about which way to go….

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