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Hi Im 41 years old and was diagnosed with AVN a in July of 2015.  I have “maintained”  over the past few years walking ok even running from time to time.  Shortly after by first doctors appointment and learning of my problem I decided to take the advice of a doctor who was friends with my PMP and he said to hold on as long as possible.  They both believed I was so young that my hip would not last me the rest of my life.

Well 2 years later I think it’s that time.  I have pain walking around and I’m at the point where I don’t want to go out because I fell like I may fall.  I work in IT in an office setting and even that is scary for me now.  I’m was a runner most of my adult life and serious for 3 years before my diagnosis.  I’d like to go back so I’m looking for  suggestions of doctors, clinics, Pre op training, and materials.    I’m not rich but I have good insurance and have been saving so I can travel if need be.

Note: I currently live in the Detroit area.   Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. LJay,
    I am an IT guy too. I decided it was time when I couldn’t sleep at night anymore. You should check the link to the list of Hip Runners and see if there are any people from the Michigan area. I would highly recommend that you read Rusty Rathburns posts (he is from KalamAzoo). He is one of the original Hip Runners. If you need his contact info, let me know.

    1. Thanks Tom! I’ll look for Rusty’s post and profiles. And fortunately it hasn’t gotten that bad for me but it is getting hard to walk. I’m nervous when I stand up at work or even from sitting in a restaurant at lunch. I’m actually scared that I will fall one day..

  2. LJay,
    I talked to three top surgeons here in Tucson and in the end, I would have felt comfortable with any of them doing my THR. I don’t think that any of them were miracle workers, but all were good technicians. There probably are many good technicians out there. The operations are pretty rote. My operation was 90 minutes long! I have a friend who goes in next week and his doctor has said 55 minutes! Incredible! That being said, experience is good in case of an unknown, but maybe the most important factor is where it is done and the quality of immediate post op care. Make sure that where you go has a good reputation and a low incidence of infections.
    Good luck,

  3. Hi LJay! Sounds like you are ready — When you are unable to sleep and pain creates fear of a fall you know it’s time. I was 42 (almost 43) when I had mine done and I was fearful about the process but so glad I did it! The biggest planning tip I can give is just focus on staying strong and fit before the surgery and then follow rehab instructions and exercises as closely as you can — Don’t overdo it!! The body needs time to heal from the major tissue damage done in the surgery and pushing it too far to fast can hinder overall recovery. I really focused on strength over cardio work during my recovery and I think it worked well for me — You can amp up cardio and get that back fairly quickly as you get better, but focusing on overall strength (even focusing on upper body and core while your leg/hip movement is limited after surgery) will help with the recovery process.

    My particular surgeon is not a fan of running after THR but he is expert in hip dysplasia which is why I went to him — I discuss any running issues or body work needs with my PT guy never my doc 😉

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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