First Trail Race

It has been almost three years since my THR, and I am running the Half-Wit-Half Marathon Trail Run August 13.  This will be my first race since surgery.  All I want to do is make the cut off, so I can finish.  I have been training on the AT south of Boiling Springs, PA.  It is all because of this site, that I am even running again.  The testimonies, the encouragement,  and the sheer determination of all the folks who post here got me to try running again.  Thank you.  After thirty years of running, it was really hard to quit.  Now I am out there again, not as far and not as fast, but out there on the trail again.  Topping it off, I turn sixty five this week, so the race is going to be my birthday present to myself.

3 thoughts on “First Trail Race

  1. RunninRev! Happyh birthday to you! I will be posting my results of my latest trail race soon. Watch out for the hidden roots and rocks in the single track….they’ll get you. They got me 🙂 But I was happy to finish my 25k race. Good luck to you and congrats on returning to what you love to do….
    Hip Brother Tom.

  2. I finished the 1/2 Wit 1/2! It was not pretty, I barely made the cut off and was helped the last 4 miles by an experienced 1/2 wit, to finish. When I shared with other runners, that I had total hip replacement surgery, they were totally amazed. So now I am a true blue 1/2 wit. I am looking forward to my next trail run.

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