Broken Goat at the Broken Goat


It’s been 5 and 1/2 years since my hip replacement.  My right knee has been limiting my running to mostly Zero Runner miles, but that didn’t stop me from signing up for and running the Broken Goat Trail Race on July 15, 2017 in Rossland BC.   For 25 and 50k racers, this unique point to point race takes runners up 5 peaks along the 7summits trail in Rossland BC.  My SDP teammates and I ran the 25K(15.5 Miles).  There was a mix of single track and alpine trails along with a little bit of trail marked only by ribbons.  My SDP teammates and I had been looking forward to this trip all year long.  I wish I could have taken in more of the scenery, but I was too busy watching the trail in front of me.  We hip runners need to be ultra careful of the hidden and not so hidden things that can sneak up and trip you.  In my case, I am not sure what it was, but halfway through my race, between 2 mountain peaks, I kicked something (probably a rock) and went flying.  Luckily I was wearing padded gloves to keep my hands from getting torn up.  My elbow was not so lucky.  Up until that moment, my race was going well.  I kept reminding myself to pay attention to the trail, watch for things and step high.  But then I started looking at my time, calculating if I was on course to break 3 hours.  Let’s see 7.2 miles in……at 1:26……if I pick it up a bit between these 2 peaks, I might just have a chance to….WHAM!  I almost became the broken goat.

The first thing I did was get up and make sure nobody saw me.  Then, I assessed the damages.  My gloves saved my hands.  The elbow bore the brunt of the fall, but it was so caked in dirt that I didn’t know how bad it was scratched up.  The non THR hip took a hit too.  A little bruising, but otherwise ok.  Continuing on…finishing in under 3 hours didn’t seem so important anymore. 🙂  Waiting at the finish line were all of my teammates. I got the elbow patched up (a mere scrape) and the celebration began.  Racing was secondary to sharing this accomplishment with the rest of the team.

Nevertheless, while I was finishing the last half of that race, I thought about my THR.  It was as happy as a lark.  No issues whatsoever with the THR.  Fellow Hip Runners,  as I have said before, the only thing that is stopping you from getting back to what you love… you. 🙂  Don’t be afraid. There will be good days, and there will be bad days.  Listen to the hip and stay optimistic.  Every day will get better.  Keep believing.  Never give up hope.  You will run (and enjoy running) again. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Broken Goat at the Broken Goat

  1. Well reading this article of yours has now given me the courage to start lengthening my training runs from 21kms & get back to maybe going my ultras. I used to be very competitive over a 56km race but since having both hips replaced ( 2012 & 2014) I had accepted the fact that ultras were no longer on the cards. My speed seems to have disappeared also and from being used to running at 5.30 min /km pace I’m now averaging between 6.30 to 7 & not really knowing why unless it’s now a question of simply age.
    This week I’ll be turning over a new page. Thanks Tom. ( Hope your elbow has recovered & your pride 😂)

  2. Tom…. I can’t thank you enough for this site or for the consistently positive encouragement you provide to all of us following behind you.
    I ran trails all weekend in Asheville, NC and every step of the way I knew how lucky I was to be doing what I love the most and it started with this blog. It was specifically your site that gave me the guts to jump into two THRs vice just quitting running and taking up yawning, water yoga or whatever.
    Sounds like you had a great race despite the elbow crash. Congratulations! I am tackling a trail marathon at the end of this month myself and will be sure to post a race report.
    Thanks again for leading the charge… I really hope I have the honor of running with you some day. BK

  3. Rock on Tom! Great post. I echo others’ sentiments — thank you so much for getting this community together. I love hearing everyone’s amazing stories and accomplishments!

  4. Hey Tom
    Like everyone said…. Big THANKS for managing this site. You have touched so many lives in such a positive way.

    Great to see that you’re hanging in there. I’m hopeful that knee issue corrects itself. Yes those small roots or cracks in the sidewalk can get you. Its usually the small ones, we see the big one coming and adjust. I’ve had a couple good tumbles myself this year.

    All is well for me, not tearing it up, but plugging along and getting stronger each month. I’m running a 10K on Saturday. Not blazing fast, but looking forward to a small push.

    I promise to post soon to post soon.

  5. Ive been looking for community with the same case like me.. i had my hip partially replaced last 2011.. i gained weight and everysince ive got an operation i stop running. And now im afraid to go on climbing which is my passion. But when i read your blog and stories i was enlightened and willing to try again. Thid is very inspiring. Please keep in touch

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