2 1/2 years post THR

2 1/2 years ago today I was at the hospital, getting my new hip — just a week shy of my 43rd birthday.  A million thoughts went through my mind, but mostly: Am I making a mistake?  Do I really need something so drastic at a relatively young age?  What if I am worse than before?

This morning, I woke after a restful, pain-free sleep and went on a long walk down the beach — turning around to head home only because I wanted to, not because of pain.  Getting my hip done was the best choice I’ve ever made for my overall health, happiness and well being.

For the HipRunners-to-be that are contemplating the surgery — believe there is a life without pain out there for you!  For all the existing HipRunners, the last two and half years have taught me many things — But mainly:

  1. Give yourself a break; you’re only human
  2. Listen to your body — you know it best
  3. Patience is a virtue, even if it’s hard as hell to endure
  4. The feeling of strength and ability is worth all the headache of the recovery process

Keep rockin’ on HipRunners and here’s to more adventures for us all!

— Aimee.

9 thoughts on “2 1/2 years post THR

  1. Thank you for this post. It couldn’t come at a better time for me. I am 42 and having TLHR on Monday and have been thinking all of those things. I am so looking forward to getting back to my active lifestyle and being pain free.

    1. Hi Neysa! I will be sending you lots of good thoughts for Monday and I look forward to your posts and progress — Keep us updated and just remember give yourself a break whenever you are frustrated that you think you aren’t recovering fast enough. 😉 It will come!

  2. Hi there and thanks for your positive post. I have experienced the same positive results. Had my right hip done 18 months ago, left one 2 months ago. After the first one I took it slow for 6 months and did strength and walking only for 6 months. Thereafter I did a 5 day hiking trail and 7 half marathons. Now after nr 2 I am up to 10 km walking within 2 months. This is a life changing operation. It is amazing to be pain free and active. Go Hippies, let’s rock on.

  3. What Aimee said. I had my one year hip-a-versary yesterday. Best 50th birthday present ever. Still grateful every day–really!–for the simple joy of moving without pain. I got my life back and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Cheers everybody!

  4. Lovethispost! and so true. I was in pain for way too long because the Docs wanted me to postpone the surgery for as long as possible. Finally 1 year & 3 months ago, had the anterior approach THR at the age of 54… I gave it a full 6 months before I started walk run intervals.. I have decided to keep my milage low and run 5 & 10ks… was wondering of any of you ladies would like to participate in a FB group for us women hiprunners? would love a quick and easy way to chat? just a though

  5. Aimee,
    What a wonderful post! I have been living in pain for 4 year with my right hip. Now my left hip decided to join in.
    After seeing 4 different doctors, I finally found one I like and trust. But I have been mentally going back and forth as to whether I should get the surgery or not. You gave me the boost I need to go ahead with the THR!

    This weekend was a tough one as I simply did a lost of stuff like any normal person, but my hips hurt and slowed me down. I did not want to tell anyone I was in pain so I just kept going hoping the others with me would get tired and want to sit for a while. I cannot wait to be pain free. I am growing weary of this pain.

    Thanks so much!

    Sue F.

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