Things are escalating.

Added Monday: Ran up hill without trekking poles again, this time a shorter hill, but twice, called Little Saanich Mountain. Atrophied leg a little irritated….but within reason.

So I have done some multi-hour hikes with intermittent running always with trekking poles, as it has been since Dec 2 that I had Mr. Cerami installed.

So eight-plus months.

Yesterday after a smaller beach hike with climbing I headed home and decided to run up a local mountain. Not huge, 3K? Up with steeps and 3K back down. Left poles in car, started running….ran 90% of the time going up – some is likely too steep for any runner to run? Maybe. Ran about 50% down, fearful of roots and rocks.

Today I rode my road bike – that steed I call “dirty bastard” because on steep uphills I make sexual noises, sorta.

72K at 24Kph.

If you are reading this and contemplating hip replacement surgery and you are limping and losing sleep.

Best choice ever 51 is the new 19, ‘cept┬ábits of gray and sexy-sexy wrinkles.


6 thoughts on “Things are escalating.

  1. Hi Chris, loving your updates! Not been on the hills yet myself but I have done 10 5k parkruns with the last one down to 25:33 and feeling more like a runner. Sunday’s bike ride was coincidentally similar to yours, 79k at 25.9 kph with 900+ metres of ascent. Should have been 64k but took a wrong turn…
    Today I had nobody to ride with and it was windy so chose to run instead. 10k cross-country circuit in 60:42, with the second half faster than the first. Feeling really good for once, I reckon 66 is the new 62!

    Pete (3.5 months on ceramic, 2.75 years on BHR)

  2. Pete,

    Good stuff.

    I added another factor to my equation with a switch to a ketogenic lifestyle. I am pushing and pulling pianos when I move. I hope the adaptation period ends soon. Ha ha.

    Do you get any surgery area muscle reaction from being atrophied?

  3. Not sure – the pain I do get is in my thigh below the incision and it is a bit strange. If I stand on that leg the pain comes when I take my weight off it. I started today’s run with a limp because of this but it gets better after a few hundred metres, not really noticeable when just walking. Physiotherapist seemed bemused by this but given I was much better on her treadmill last week she is happy not to see me again. I suspect the process of straightening up the whole leg by fitting a decent bearing has left all sorts of small adjustments to be made in the musculature. The BHR leg scar is always making itself felt even at this stage..

  4. Interesting. I get the same pain after I stand on my leg too, like the muscle is reaction to a recoil.

    Maybe standard stuff.

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