8 Weeks after Surgery

Hey Everyone

I am 8 weeks from having my Hip Replacement Surgery and I was wondering if I can get some experiences from some of you in regard to pain.  I am back in the pool and on the Spin Bike with some walking also.  My surgeon tells me to do some strength work which I have started (bodyweight stuff) but I am still in lots of pain.  He says this is normal. Am I expecting too much??

Getting rather frustrated thinking I should be further along?

Any advice would be much appreciated.



5 thoughts on “8 Weeks after Surgery

  1. What do you mean by “lots of pain”? When does it occur? Is it joint pain or muscle/tendon pain? Did you have an anterior or posterior surgery? I had an anterior surgery and at 8 weeks I remember: quad muscle pain from the surgery (they pulled those big muscles aside to get at the joint, ouch!) and some tenderness around the incision, but no pain with walking or moving the joint itself (nothing extreme). It is a pretty major surgery, when you consider what they do when they get in there, and 8 weeks is pretty early yet. I’m at 12 months now and I still get occasional aches as things continue to repair themselves. That’s my $.02, everyone is different – different weights, ages, physical shape … I would imagine a lot of variation in what people experience.

  2. Thanks Carolyn. I had posterior surgery and I understand that there is a lot of muscle that is cut through but in reading about hip replacements, I got the idea that I should not have this much pain. It feels like I can actually feel the implant in my joint. Quite weird really. Quite a lot of muscular pain also. I think I will just have to be more patient… sometimes easier said than done haha.
    Appreciate your reply.

  3. Give yourself time. I’m 61 and had a posterior Total right in June of 2014. I tried running that August and really suffered My muscles had still not recovered. My trainer put me on s schedule that started in November 2014.
    You absolutely need core training and muscle strength so you do not stress the joint. I ran several 5ks in 2015 and 2016, plus a 10-mile in 2016. Getting ready for another 10-mile and 1/2 marathon this fall.
    Yes, I’m an older runner, but still proud that I can, and know you will be fine.
    Yes I have arthritis and pain, but the running and stretching keeps me mobile. My checkup a month was fantastic.
    Can’t stress enough the importance of strength training. You need to make sure the rod is set good in the muscle and the muscle is strong.
    One more thing, make sure you have the correct shoes. After surgery my style changed and I now need Newton’s. Just an afterthought.
    Best of luck!! Hope this is helpful.

  4. Hi Cathy! Yes for sure you will be feeling pin for a little while. That surgery site is still healing up. When I started running I again at 3 months it hurt a bit but as each day passed by the hip got stronger and stronger. Just don’t over do it. When the hip has had enough give it a rest and try again later. AsCarolyn said, it is a pretty major surgery. Congrats on getting back on the bike and in the pool.

  5. Cool thanks for your comments Tom – Triathlon is my sport and I do not ever intend give it up, but at the moment I just want to RUN!!! – it has been 2 years since I have. I know I will, it is just a matter of time. I will remain patient. It is so great to talk to others who have been through all this.. 🙂

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