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3 and half weeks post op for Left THR. Going well. Just a trekking pole when out walking to ensure no slips or falls. Swimming I km every couple of days. Arms only using pull buoy to keep legs still at the moment. 10 mins each day on static bike. Reluctant to go beyond walking, jogging seems a bit ambitious at the moment. Any thoughts or advice? I am a 70 yr old triathlete.

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  1. 52 and 10 days RTHR (LTHR 2014). Walked after 4 weeks then and started Jogging 10 weeks after. 6 months after ran 10 mile trail race 200 out of 460 in 1hr 39. Will be following same regime again. On the static bike from week 4

  2. Be patient Clive. And if you aren’t patient, you may feel it a bit in the hips. (I think that is how we’ve all learned) I started running at 3 months. It felt stiff and awkward initially, but as the hip got stronger, I was back to form. Keep it up and stay optimistic!

    1. Thanks Brother Tom. Yes patience isn’t something I am good at! My wife is keeping me in check. 4 weeks post op today and I am now doing very short sessions on the static bike. Walking Ok now mainly without a stick. Regular swimming but still arms only to stay safe. I appreciate all the comments and help. Great website, keep up the good work.

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