10 Month Post Op Update – NO FEAR


I was inspired to post when I read someone sharing about being afraid.

My THR was 10/2/16 and I was TERRIFIED. Totally stuck and consumed with fear of the unknown and what felt like a death sentence of a doctor prescribed sedentary lifestyle and the end of my youth.

I was thrilled to find this site before my surgery and get a glimpse of hope.

The reality is 10 months in i’m probably in the best shape of my life.

I got focused on health and started to regain the things I thought were lost.

I was in constant pain, consumed with fear and basically hopeless about the future.

In the last few months I swam a 4.2 mile open water race, ran a 6:05 mile, and jumped tall buildings in a single bound… maybe not buildings but some tall boxes.

The black cloud of fear is gone.

Its hard to tell anyone not to be afraid, but speaking from experience….  Don’t be afraid.

You can do anything you set your mind to.

You’ve got this !

10 thoughts on “10 Month Post Op Update – NO FEAR

  1. Chris! That is fantastic! Your video is a great example of what can be accomplished after THR. Way to inspire!

  2. I love this post! I was so fear filled as well… I am 6 weeks post surgery & now realize I had nothing to fear, but so much to be grateful for- especially the fact that there was a SOLUTION for my hip pain. I love my PT sessions, and honestly feel like once my rehab is complete, I will be in the best shape of my life. (At week 4- 5, they starting letting me “jog” for short intervals on treadmill). I wish I had not spent so much time fretting about whether or not to have the surgery, or how long to put it off, etc. It really wasn’t that bad, and my recovery has been smooth, and all things considered, quick. Grateful for this group.

  3. Impressive! I am in the total fear of surgery stage right now. I keep going back and forth, surgery now or surgery next year. I am encouraged by posts like this and the comments. Yesterday I had no hip pain so I though there is no need for the surgery. This morning I woke up in pain. It’s Saturday and I had a list of things to do. But now I am just waiting for the Aleve to kick in. I guess it is time for surgery.

  4. Great to find this site. I’m 47 and have a Double THR scheduled for October 2017. I have fought pain and lack of mobility for the last 7 years but have been fearful that life after would be worse than I am today. Also, like many others, some days I think I’ll put it off and wait. I used to love to run, but it’s too painful now, I still love to cycle. My box jumping days were many years ago, but seeing this video is inspiring and would love to get back to that point with my teenage children working out.

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