3 thoughts on “Angry at my IT.

  1. I had bad IT pain for a long time but it improved over time (year or two?). I’m 4.5 years out now and it’s pretty much gone. Seemed to flare up more with hills. I’m guessing it’s due to how we compensated for years leading up to surgery, and/or subtle corrections we make afterwards to “protect” or new hip. Either way, hang in there!

  2. I agree.

    Sometimes when I bother to pay attention, I can tell that the plant is ever-so-slightly longer on the right side and there may be a slight slide, if you will, on gravel…just the smallest amount, but of course, over 40 to 70 minutes that’s a lot of compensating.

    Perhaps, ironically, I should be running on the asphalt – ha.

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