6 months post THR

I am still having shooting pain down my leg to the top of my knee. My leg is also still numb and tingly. I started training again – that is, if you call running 4-6 miles a week training. I am also biking and swimming. For those of you that had a THR did you still fell these symptoms 6 months out? I am getting frustrated and want to train for a 1/2 ironman soon

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  1. Hey there. Yep. That is typical. But not permanent. I didn’t feel ‘normal’ again until around 16 months. But you can still train and prepare and improve. Your hip will tell you when it needs a rest. Listen to it and over time, you’ll start getting back to normal. Check out the box jumps that Chris Igoe is doing in his post below. THAT is a perfect example of what happens when you stay optimistic and listen to the hip. Keep us posted on your progress.

  2. I am nine months and I just re-got the shooting pain down to the knee.

    I assumed at first it was IT, then perhaps another tendon…or maybe it is a stress reaction in the bone to physical exercise. Dunno. But it sounds like your issue.

    It kinda disappears and reappears and for sure reappears after a spell of sitting…..

  3. I’m 5 months out. I started walk/running (slowly) on a threadmill at 3. Started with a mile and slowly built to four on the trail. Thr running was fine, but Inwas sore after, which would leave me limping for a few days. I decided to take a break from it, thinking it was too early. I also train martial arts and am back doing everything okay, but I’m careful, and slow, with my kicks.

    That said, I, as well, have a shooting pain that has developed in what feels like the center of my femur…but it’s a dull ache. It comes and goes and is not painful, but definitly is uncomfortable and leads me to limp.

    Planning of going to the doc in the next week or so to talk through it with him. He did initially say that since mine is an unglued replacement, that the bone goes through a few stages of “accepting/fusing” with the synthetic bone…and it may be sore in short spurts. Hoping it’s just that.

    Anyone else have any thoughts, let me me know. Thx

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