Oh Well, Time to Get the “Other Hip” Replaced!

Five years ago this month at the age of 56 I had a THR of my left hip.  At the same time I found Tom’s website and therefore went into surgery confident I would run again. There were only about 5 Hipsters at that time. My surgeon was strongly opposed to me running post surgery (and still is!) and also informed me that it was likely I would need a THR of my right hip in about 3 years. After my surgery I did a lot of pool running, biking and weight training for the first 5 months. I began running beginning in the fifth month and have continued to do so, injury free up until 1 month ago when I started to get significant pain in my right hip. During these past 5 years I have run many long distances races and have competed in several triathlons of various distances, including a few Olympic distance triathlons. The good news is that my 5 year X-ray on the left THR showed no visible wear and tear. As for my right hip, I can bike and swim with minimal pain but running has become too painful. My surgeon said if I don’t run I probably can defer the surgery for 2-4 years. Since I am a runner at heart rather than a biker or swimmer, I told my surgeon I will be scheduling the surgery shortly. After all runners need to run!

6 thoughts on “Oh Well, Time to Get the “Other Hip” Replaced!

  1. Well done Brian, had a THR 24/10 at my right hip,succesfully op run 20k after five weeks and to now i have completed four ultramarathons up to 60k,no pain no stiffness at all.
    7/9-17 i will replace my left hip that i had Perthes desice in,so in a couple a days i will be a doubblehippie🏃🏃🏃🏃.

    Take the operation if you can i my advise, sorry for my bad English hope you can read it.

    Best regards Anders Jelander.

  2. Good luck. 3 years ago I had LTHR. Ran pin free until December last year. Currently 3 weeks post RTHR. Walking up to 5 miles slowly with crutches in last couple of days and every intention of returning to running.

  3. It’s good to hear that your replaced hip shows no significant change despite the running you’ve done on it. I’ve yet to see any evidence that we ‘wear them out’ by running! Good luck with your second bionic hip, I shan’t hesitate either if my other hip starts to be troublesome.

  4. Yeah Brian! I’ve had both of mine replace (2015 & 2016) and am running 30+ miles a week pain free just two years after my first one. I feel like I’m just hitting my stride and am still getting faster!!

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