Recommended exercises/activities prior to surgery?

Hi, friends!

Are there any suggestions for helpful exercises or activities to do before surgery to keep in best-running-possible-post-surgery shape?

Everything I have read so far has indicated that if you were a runner before surgery, then it is more likely that you can be a runner after surgery.  I have not run for the past two years, mostly because it is difficult for me to kick my legs out far enough to find a comfortable stride.  I didn’t even realize this was due to arthritic hips until recently.  (I’m only 40 years old, not much pain.)  MRIs revealed that I will need both hips replaced, but the doc wants to start with just one.  Left THR scheduled for 12/19/17.

ALSO, does anyone have any information about how/why doctors decide to do one hip at a time vs. both at once?  I’m disappointed that I can’t have both replaced at once and just get it over with.

Any suggestions appreciated!


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  1. Hello Kelly,do one at a time,did my first 24/10-16 and 7/9-17 my second hip was done thr on both,try to cycle if you can,keep up the condition,and normal weight,today i walk 2,5km thats my rehab.
    Mvh Anders.

  2. Hi Kelly.
    I had my left thr done April 2012 and the right one April 2014. Both times I was back to full running about 5 months later. Just take it easy and remember to do the post exercises religiously. Try to strengthen up your glutes muscles in the meantime as the glutes are what carry the hip flexor forward . You can have bilateral hip thr done but I think they like to do one at a time because it’s easier on the recovery. Usually they get you doing bed exercises just hours after the op. But trust me one at a time is better and you will get back to running quicker & pain free. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  3. I had both of mine done as well – about 8 weeks apart. (Oct and Dec of 2016, I am 44) I felt like you did (do them at the same time and get it over with) But, my surgeon would only do 1 at a time. It worked out well. I have begun to run again over the summer and have built up to doing around 25-30 miles a week. I am not doing as many miles nor am I nearly as fast as I was but my goal is at least 1 more full marathon. Good luck to you and have a speedy recovery.

  4. I’m 44 and just had right hip replaced. I’m feeling really great with some minor irritation to the knee. Most specifically, under the knee cap. I love running before and hope to begin running in a few months. Best of luck to you. Julie

    1. Thank you, Julie! For those with recent surgeries, how long was/is your recovery? I’m curious how long you needed help, how long it takes before you feel comfortable doing day to day activities, how long ppl take off work? I’ve heard that the recovery takes less time for younger people, but I have no idea if this is true.

      1. Hi Kelly I know how you feel as I too wanted to know how long I would be “incapacitated” and needing help as I live alone. It’s really not that bad! I’m 51 and had my THR June 9th 2017 15 weeks ago. I left the hospital with a walker the next day. I literally used the walker for 2 days in my apartment and then got rid of it and then used only the cane. The first two weeks are tough as you are exhausted from the trauma of the surgery and the anesthesia in your system. But by the 3rd week you will start to feel like yourself again. I was out of work just under a month. I had PT at home for the first 2 weeks (7 sessions) and then progressed to outside location and just finished my 20th session there. As for what you can do while recovering, walk walk walk…that is what kept me sane and kept my weight down. I’d go out for 2 or so hours and walk all over the city. I was so worried I’d gain weight not able to do anything but I’m proud to say I gained only about 3 pounds. I also was allowed to use the elliptical machine and was on it when ever I had the chance. I started 5 minutes at level 1 then 10, then 15, til I got to 30 minutes then went back to 5 minutes at level 2, etc etc. If you have the Anterior approach you really have very little restrictions in terms of bending and the only thing they told me not to do was kick my leg behind me. I was able to dress myself and shower with no problem. Only suggestion is to get slip on shoes as it’s hard to tie your sneakers for a while. You’ll do fine…good luck!

  5. Hi Kelly. I’m 59 yrs old and 6 1/2 weeks out from a left anterior THR. I hadn’t been able to run for 2 1/2 yrs prior but continued to walk 6+ miles regularly and do general strength training. My surgery was a Monday afternoon and I was discharged 24 hrs later. Met all my hospital PT goals with the first evaluation. My husband stayed home with me the first week. I progressed from a walker to a cane at my 2 week post op visit and was already able to walk a mile. By 4 weeks, I would find myself in one room and my cane in another. I had home PT 3 times per week for 4 weeks. 5 weeks post op, I walked my 5K route (albeit much slower). All my restrictions, except high impact sports, were lifted on Friday. I felt compelled that afternoon to pull a few weeds in my much neglected garden and literally cried when I popped right up after being on my knees! I head back to work on Monday (I’m an RN with a desk job). I’m having some IT issues but have been plagued with that for years. Hoping to see some improvement over time. The only other issue is numbness around the incision. I would recommend a slip on pair of Skechers to walk in following surgery with a nice comfy t-shirt bra. Good luck!

  6. Any exercises that keep your core strong. Look at the Apps Dave just talked about in his post. Best of luck to you Kelly.

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