Best Car for Hip stiffness sufferers

I am 6 months status post anterior total hip replacement and I feel great except my hip gets stiff and aches after about 30 minutes of driving. Sometimes, I have to pull over and stand up and walk around. Does not bother me when I am a passenger. Does anyone have any suggestions for a car that might alleviate this pain. I have an SUV and a sedan. Both bother me.

3 thoughts on “Best Car for Hip stiffness sufferers

  1. Don’t worry – you are still early on in the recovery. I had pain driving before and after anterior THR, but around the 10 month mark everything settled down and I’m comfortable in the drivers seat again. Try keeping your seat as upright and level as possible – like you’re sitting on the edge of a park bench. Hang in there – you will get better.

    1. Thanks so much. I am at 6 1/2 months out and nothing really bothers me but the car!
      I remain hopeful

  2. I prefer my F150 to my Ford Fusion or my wife’s Nissan Altima. The more upright feels better but that’s for a 4-5 hour drive. Less than 1 hour doesn’t bother me.

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