6 months post surgery, let the running begin!

My RTHR was April 2017, Corin Mini-hip (ceramic on poly) anterior approach.  Surgery was uncomplicated and recovery was normal, ie up on first day, released on second day, bi-lateral assist for first 2 weeks, after two weeks begin no impact exercise.  I have a Octane Fitness zero runner at home as well as regular elliptical.  The zero runner is awesome!  During my recovery from about 6 weeks on I have been putting in an hour every day.  My biggest issue has been trying to get the muscles and tendons back into shape – had about 9mm added to right side, which tendons are still not happy about.  The other issue is the thigh numbness, which is still considerable.  This is more annoying than anything else.  A week ago I had my 6 month follow-up with xray (yes I was a week early!).  Everything looked good and I was released for full activity including impact.  Of course with a “caveat” – we don’t want you running for your main source of exercise.  Yes I understand but also the reason that I had the surgery was to run again and take advantage of being active while I can, and I also agree that I will, take it easy and use other forms of exercise so as to take good care of my hip.  I ran the next day, one mile, nice easy pace and it was great to be running again.  Rested a day then a 1.5 mile run.  Rested a day and a 3.1 mile run, now on second day of rest.  I run because I enjoy it and I plan and hope to continue as long as possible!

3 thoughts on “6 months post surgery, let the running begin!

  1. Congrats on getting back to running! Isn’t it grand? I also waited 6 months and did various sorts of other things (walking, progressing to light hiking, then backpacking) and then started to ease back in. The thigh numbness lasts a while, but it does go away – those nerves take a while to heal. Yeah, it’s more annoying/weird than anything. I never got the “don’t run” precaution but it seems like, as you say, running incorporated with other activities seems well rounded and totally reasonable. I was strongly encourage to begin weight training and it’s done wonders for running as well as for general fitness. So there’s that. Congrats again, take ‘er easy, back off when you need to and Tally Ho! – Carolyn

  2. I LOVE the ZERO RUNNER! You can’t beat it as an alternative to impact running. I have been logging quite a few miles on mine due to a knee issue – related to basketball – not the hip :). Congrats on getting back to it! Everyday will get better and better!

    1. Absolutely! Given the cost of the surgery, I kinda think they should give out a complementary Zero Runner with every new hip!

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