5 months progress report

Hi all, just a brief update on what my Zimmer ceramic/ceramic hip has had to put up with since May 2nd:

__________May    June   July    August    September

Walk         50        50      50          80                80

Run              0       20      25          19                22

Cycle       149     180    272       318            117

(All distances in miles)

Walking has included mountaineering and is now completely normal, running is not right yet with some leg pain and asymmetry in the first few hundred yards; pace is improving (best 5k just sub-26 mins) but not consistently. Biking has improved since before the operation, set a PB last week for a 23 mile circuit I ride regularly (18.3 mph). Seems to have been a quicker recovery than my BHR but I really need to get that 5k time back under 25 minutes!



3 thoughts on “5 months progress report

  1. Way to go Pete! nice to see you back in the Game!
    Helps me to know this …and my goal of running Boston 2019
    maybe isn’t all that unreachable or crazy after all
    S Mahoney

  2. Hi Pete, Gald to see you are doing well. I’m planning for my first HR and i’ve scheduled a THR with a doctor in Ann Arbor ,MI but I just recently learned of the BHR and I was wondering what your thoughts were. Would you recommend the BHR over THR from you experience?

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