My right THR is scheduled for November 15, 2017, Yikes!!!!

I am extremely nervous about the surgery! I am 64 year old female serious Body Pump enthuiest and a jogger. My hip pain has been interfering with my physical activities and I am in need of a normal life! I live alone and am wondering how long I will need someone to stay with me after surgery to help me. I have a desk job and am hoping to be back at work in two weeks. I can have a co-worker drive me. Is that possible? I will be doing Body Pump right up to the surgery date to stay in shape. I hate to be dependent on anyone. I would love to hear others stories of the first two to three weeks after surgery. I am getting a Zimmer trabecular metal hip using a mini posterior (more like side of hip) surgery.

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  1. Hi there! You sound as if you have as active of a life as I had/have.
    I had THR right side, anterior with a Smith & Nephew implant.
    Surgery on a Monday, released on Tuesday. My daughter stayed with me until Saturday morning.
    You’ll be fine I think!
    I used the walker for a few days then a cane was the best thing to use for about two-ish weeks?
    I was off all pain meds by Thursday (3 days after the surgery).
    Good luck and welcome to the club!!

    1. Mary,
      Thank you so much for the encouraging recovery information! That is exactly what I was hoping to hear.
      I am noticing a lot of people getting the anterior approach with good results. I asked my doctor about that. He said he has done both anterior and mini posterior. For some reason he prefers the posterior so that is what I will get. While I am terrified about the surgery, I am excited at the same time to get back to normal.
      I hope my recovery goes as well as your did! Thanks so much!
      Oh, I have family from the Cayman Islands with the last name of Parsons.

  2. Hi, I ran up to 2 days pre-op. Back in work after 2 and a half weeks as also mostly desk based.
    After a week and with crutches I could comfortably sort everything for myself. Was driven to and from work. Now 7 weeks post op and walking 5 miles regularly and did 12.5 on my MTB on Sunday. Good luck. Andy G

    1. Andy,
      Thank you so much for your encouraging comment!5 miles at 7 weeks post op sounds great! Please keep posting your progress. It is so comforting to hear from others who have gone through the same experiences and have such positive out comes such as your self.


  3. They will have you walking within 24 hours after the surgery. Everyone is different, but based on your ambitions, I would say that your goals for getting back to work are very realistic. For reference, you might want to take a look at my recovery time frame (which I nailed to a ‘T’) 🙂 Here is the link to that

    1. Hip Brother Tom,
      I printed your recovery time line and posted it on my fridge as a reminder of what is possible. That is incredible that you were back at work 6 days after surgery! Wow! I will make that my goal. I already told my boss she will have to pick me up every morning.
      My doctor is telling me “no running”. I am sure that is because of liability issues. He kind of smiled when he said it. Reading posts like yours and Andy G’s reassures me that I am making the correct decision to move forward with the surgery.
      Can you tell me what kind of hip and type surgery you got?

      1. Hi Sue,
        I had an anterior THR. I have a stryker hip with a ceramic ball and polyethylene cup. Bets of luck to you on your surgery. I suspect you are going to crush my recovery timeline. 😉 Keep us all posted on your progress.

  4. I am a 57 year old female who didn’t begin running until I was 50. Not a fast or super competitive runner but enjoyed the exercise. I have had both hips replaced in the last 14 months (right 8/16 and left 6/17). Both done with anterior approach. For the right I was in the hospital less than 24 hours. Had the left done as an out-patient. I did a ton of research before I picked my orthopedic surgeon and had the procedures done. I specifically selected a surgeon who specialized in the anterior approach because there are only minimal precautions after the surgery and no muscle cutting. I was walking with a single crutch within hours of surgery. Not running yet but no limit to the distance I am able to walk. Good luck.

  5. Wow Pat! Amazing story. I will have to have my left hip replaced next year. I can’t believe you did that as out patient surgery. My doctor assured me there was no muscle cutting with his procedure. Thank you for sharing your experience with this surgery. People like you are such an inspiration to me!

  6. Hello Sue. I’m a 66 (nearly 67) year old who also didn’t start running until I was 50 but have run seven marathons, countless halves and 10k and 5k races – guess I got addicted! I had a left THR last October 28th and was off all walking aids within three weeks. Started running again in March this year and am now running about 20 miles a week, mostly off road, all without any pain at all from the hip. Am generally feeling less fit than I was – after three years of decreasing ability to exercise due to arthritis pain that’s not surprising – but feeling better and better every day. Feel like I’ve got my life back and that the operation is a miracle! I had the posterior approach (doctors in the UK seem to prefer that) and I think that might take a little longer to recover from, although the muscles aren’t cut they are pushed aside and take a bit of time to knit back together. I have virtually no weakness on that side now though. Good luck with your recovery! (Wish me luck too, I’m doing a half marathon on 15th October!)

    1. Jenny,
      Thank you for your wonderful story! You have accomplished a lot in a short period of time. I am amazed that you will be running a half marathon after this type of surgery. My doctor is discouraging running after the surgery but after read your story and others I feel certain running will be in my future.
      Than you for sharing your story and best of luck on October 15th at the half marathon!

  7. Sue,
    My RTHR was April 5, as many have said they had me up on the day of the surgery walking with a walker. My work is primarily office based. My implant is a corin mini-hip and the approach was anterior. For the corin mini hip the OS wants his patients to be bilateral support for the first two weeks. I had both crutches and a walker. I was released day after surgery. I was very fortunate as I had very little pain which was well controlled with over the counter pain meds, nothing strong. I was back to work in 6 days. I was using my crutches to get around the office and other than that it was sitting at a computer terminal. Recovery progressed quickly and I followed OS directions to the T. Just started running at 6 months and felt good, just like it used to.

  8. skeenen1,
    How amazing that you were back to work in 6 days and running in 6 months! With all of these wonderful posts I am actually looking forward to having the surgery. I understand the posterior approach may take a little longer to recover but that is the surgery my doctors prefers. My doctor said he will have me up and walking with a walker the same day as the surgery too. Thanks so much for sharing your story!

  9. Wow! Thanks you all for posting. Saw this post and read comments! I have cried daily since told only option was THR! Scheduled in 5 weeks. ( longest 5 weeks ever!) But reading these post have given me hope to get back to normal and be pain free and to get thru my pre-op fears!! Today my tears are of hope after reading this! Good lunch to all of you! In healing & running!


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