Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Neuropathy??

Here I am 5 days post anterior RTHR and feeling great….. except…. this stinging pain on the surface of my thigh just below the incision.  The pain exists as I walk when I straighten my leg to take a step forward.  It can be extremely intense and annoying.  I have seen it described as the pain you feel from a dozen bee stings.   From the little research I’ve done on-line, there apparently is a nerve, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, that causes sharp surface pain and numbness when it is compressed/ pinched.  Evidently, this nerve is effected either from the surgery and/ or from the post surgical swelling of the thigh.  I have been icing the area whenever possible.  What experience have any of you had with this pain/ syndrome?  Is there anything specific that I can do to relieve it?  And, how long does it persist?   I hope it subsides soon because it will but a huge damper on what should be a really good thing!!!  –  Kelly

4 thoughts on “Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Neuropathy??

  1. Kelly ask your anaesthetist. With my first thr I had a spinal block but with second one using a different anaesthetist, he uses a femoral block. And when I asked him why he said because recovery afterwards is much quicker. Now according to my physio who watched my op, he told her that you use a blunt needle to insert between the sheath and you listen for the “pop” so that you can hear when you are in the correct position otherwise you can hit the femoral nerve which would give you the type of pain you are experiencing. Just check back with him so that perhaps you can be prescribed something that will help clear it. Hope this helps & your recovery continues to improve.

  2. I remember the stinging pain post op. It will go away, I am sure of it. But we hiprunners…..we have no patience. 🙂

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