Life is good

If anyone considering a THR seeks fresh evidence that one can not only run after such a procedure but run far and have fun doing so, you might check out the following Instagram entry, posted by me following a memorably fun run at a very special place a few weeks ago:

For a long-time lover of both running and Bosox baseball at Fenway Park, getting tapped as one of 50 participants in the first-ever marathon run within a major league ballpark was thrilling. Completing Friday's Fenway Marathon while also helping raise $300,000+ for cancer research was gratifying beyond measure. Kudos to Boston Marathon director Dave MacGillivray for conceiving and organizing this special event, and for furnishing encouragement as he and I and the rest of our merry band circled Fenway again and again … +114 more agains (116 laps * .22 miles/lap = 26.2!). A memorably fun night — heavy rain and high humidity aside — that would not have unfolded for me without huge help from the amazing @amoryrowe, and an experience I shall long remember.

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5 thoughts on “Life is good

  1. David it’s great to see that others are also running marathons. The last 3 posts are all about us completing marathons and hopefully inspiring others to do so. Congrats on your accomplishment.

  2. A little less than two years — but with a few 20+ mile runs mixed into the workout regimen before I attempted a full marathon. Good luck.

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