Micro Surgery ( superpath ) vs Min Invasive Anterior Hip Replacement

Hello fellow Hip Runners – Thank you for supportive post’s. I intended to run no matter what the doctor’s said.THR scheduled Dec 20th 2017.I was told by a doctor who is a runner that the  Micro Approach ” superpath technique” THR is less invasive than the ” Min Invas Anterior Approach THR. This doctor also said OK to run after surgery. The doctor performing the Min Invasive Anterior THR said NO RUNNING after surgery.

Any experience from Hip Runners on the Micro Approach ?

Also I was given several exercises for Pre Surgery. I am currently using the elilptical 4 x wk 30 mins lvl 3 and lifting 3 x wk for 30mins. Do I need those Micley Mouse therapy exercises ?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Micro Surgery ( superpath ) vs Min Invasive Anterior Hip Replacement

  1. Howdy! Congrats on the road to getting ‘er fixed. I can’t speak to any procedures you mention — I had a regular anterior THR with an excellent surgeon who is very active himself, and who gave me the thumbs up for pretty much everything after the replacement and recovery. I would offer that ANY pre surgery exercise (prescribed, or your choice) will be helpful so that you can be as strong as possible going into the surgery and rehab/recovery. I chose to hike hills as much as I could, and walk or trot back down, to get in the best shape I could beforehand. I think anything you can manage to do for strength will help you out on the back side. Cheers and best of luck! – Carolyn

  2. Definitely go with the doctor who supports your return to running. Mental health during recovery is half the battle. If you have a doctor who supports you, then that just keeps you motivated to return. I have no information on the Micro Surgery, but I know someone who can provide this group a lot of information about it in 8 weeks. 🙂
    Good luck!

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