Will i ever be fast again??

I am going on 8 months now – when will I get back to running at a normal pace? My pace now is 11:30/mile (normally a 9:30) I am running only 2-3 days a week 3-4 miles each as I dont want to add too  many miles yet. Will i ever get my speed back or is this how it is after a full hip replacement. I have to say I am embarrassed by my slow speed. I signed up for a duathlon this weekend 2 mile run, 12 mile bike, 2 mile run and I will more than likely come last place  I would have normally finished top 3.

Am I doing something wrong?

7 thoughts on “Will i ever be fast again??

  1. I had a full hip replacement 2 years ago and I’m back running sub 7 min miles just need to be patient and listen to your body
    Atb Kevin

  2. To put it all in perspective, I didn’t feel fully competitive again unti about 18 months out. Stay optimistic and keep believing. Good luck this weekend. A race might be just what the doctor ordered.

  3. Hi! Stay Optimistic and YES KEEP Believing.. 7/15 Anterior L hip then needed a Revision 2/16.. then 12/16 a right Mencius tear from me wobbleing .. .. a few 5K this Year not HAPPY .55 Min on my last in July .. now 35min👍.. RAN a Relay 10.15 and hour 1/2 .. stopping a few times . hoWver I felt Great ! Slow and steady.. I’m training Finally for my 1St Half in December! I’ve been HiP back .. so now Moving forward … listening to my body./ muscle. Memory BEST OF LUCK TO YOU !!

  4. I ran a half marathon 12 months post op in 1hr 39 as opposed to my 4 year earlier PB if 1.32. Be patient and stick with it. As above the race might be just what you need.

  5. Agree with Tom, about 18 months to be competitive (even with a resurfacing) but decent speed should be back around 6 to 9 months. If you have only just restarted training since September I guess you have lost a fair bit of fitness – how is your heart rate whilst running? My running resumed at 6 weeks after my May 2nd THR, 32 mins for 5km, and by last weekend was down to 25:38, but in all that time my heart graph has been very similar, i.e. I was slow due to lost fitness. Like you, I am cross that I cannot yet run 23:40 like I could in April but I am confident that I shall be able to in the next few months – don’t panic!


  6. My friend…you are alive and you are back to running! Celebrate! Relax! Read the obits for perspective and get out there and enjoy!!!!!

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