Abbott Majors 5 done 1 to go

It’s been awhile since I last posted but have enjoyed keeping up with so many of you on Strava.  Since my new hip in Feb of 2014 I have managed to run 5 of the 6 major marathons.  Those being Chicago, London, Berlin, New York and Boston that leaves just Tokyo.  I got super lucky this year and received an entry through the ballot so I’m off to Tokyo in 2018.   I’m upping my strength training and working through a long training plan for this one and hoping for a good run.   Has anyone else done this one ? Or has anyone completed the Abbotts 6 cities majors ?

Keep up the good work everyone.  I think we should pick a race that has multiple events over the weekend and bring as many runners together as possible….anyone up for that ?   Or create a calendar that says where everyone might be running.  Would love to meet some of my Strava friends who encourage me so often.

5 thoughts on “Abbott Majors 5 done 1 to go

  1. Wow that’s fantastic, great going Ruth. Wishing you all the best in Tokyo, I’m sure you’ll represent us well. I’m glad to see you are working on strength training, so important for us. Looking forward to running a race with you, I think the calendar would be a great idea. Maybe Google Calendar might be a good option.

  2. That’s amazing Ruth! I’d love to do another road marathon. Do you train on the roads as well? I tend to do my running off road these days as it feels better for my hip but did a road half marathon a few weeks ago and that felt fine, both during and afterwards. I’m a year post-op now. How long did you wait before you ran a marathon after your THR?

    1. Hi Jenny – thanks for replying. I had my hip done feb 2014 and ran the Chicago Marathon Oct 2014. I did quite a bit of soft trail training and a lot of hip,glut
      e, core work. I rarely ever ran more than 3 times a week and still don’t . Well done on doing the half – that’s great. Keep it up.

  3. Hey Ruth …you are a great inspiration to me! …sitting here 8 weeks post op in recovery and wishful of a qualifying run by mid Sept. so I can run Boston …

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