1 Year Post-Op Update / Hey new hippies ~ You’ve got this !!

My new hip turned one year old last month. Happy Late Birthday New Hip!

Last year around this time I was well on my way towards recovery. Still very tender, fragile and new I was determined to fight to reclaim my life.

Fast forward a year. I’m not in pain. Seriously, this cant be overstated. My breaking point to accepting I needed a THR was when my first waking thought was: I’m f#cked. Great news: THR will resolve your pain.

Again: No Pain.

Life is 1 million % better and none of the incredible fears I was obsessed with came true.

Pre Surgery I was 100% miserable 100% of the time.

Today: Happy.

I was told by some I would have to settle for a sedentary life, not true.

Humble Brag /Quick Highlights of Year 1:

Run & Play with my Children: A LOT.

I can work at a high level again.

Swam the 4.4 mile Great Chesapeake Bay Swim.

Ran a Sub 6 mile.

Lift & Train Cardio Bootcamp Classes: A LOT.

Got down to under 10% b/f – I put on a lot of weight the year before surgery.

Ran 4 miles last night Sub 8 pace. Fairly easily. No pain.

Signed up to do a 1/2 Marathon next month.

I share these things not to brag but to highlight that YOU can do ANYTHING.

I was told (by some) I would never do any of the things above again.

Special thanks to Tom for starting this and to all of you Hip Runners for sharing your stories. This was the first place I saw hope when I desperately needed it.  I got to see people reclaiming their active lives after Total Hip Replacement. THANK YOU ALL !!

4 miles  7:55 ~ 1 year post op

Hope is a very powerful thing.

Don’t let Fear win.  YOU GOT THIS !!!

Happy Birthday Hip.


6 thoughts on “1 Year Post-Op Update / Hey new hippies ~ You’ve got this !!

  1. Chris! After reading this post, even I am inspired. :). Hope IS a powerful thing isn’t it? Way to go and thanks for sharing this your progress!

  2. Hi Chris,
    Great progress and even better things to come I’m sure. Anything is possible and it sounds like you have a great training and nutrition plan to help you achieve your goals.

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