Timelines and benchmarks??

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Thank you very much to the hosts of this site, and to everyone who shares on this site!  It is inspiring to know what is possible in the years moving forward.
I had a right THR in January of this year (10 months ago).  I have been active and fit since that time (biking 60km, working out ~10 times/week), but am struggling to get back to running.  When I attempt running (jogging!), I have shooting pain down my femur.  I’ve read a few other comments from people struggling with similar pain issues.  I’m also struggling with what seems like hip flexor pain / tightness, which keeps me from doing almost all ab exercises.  Am wondering what this is all about too.

Questions: does anyone know what the cause of this pain is?  Does running through the pain make it better or worse?  What can be done to alleviate/prevent the pain?  What is the timeline for being pain free?

I’m wondering if there is a timeline or set of benchmarks for getting back into running?  I’d like to do a 10k or even a half, ideally a half-ironman, but currently can’t run 3 x 30seconds!  It’s a bit disheartening 😉  Though what is not disheartening is being generally pain-free after years of chronic pain!  Trying to keep things in perspective 🙂

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    The pain you are describing is similar to what I felt when I initially started running after 3 months. It eventually went away. But you are at 10 months, so that has me wondering. I would say it is not smart to ‘run through’ the pain. However, if you are just starting out, maybe that is all that it is, the initial pain of beginning to run again. Either way, you should let your hip be your guide. When it says ‘enough’ then give it a rest. After a day or 2, try again. Each attempt should get you a little farther. I didn’t feel like I was back to semi-normal until after around 18 months. The hip flexor tightness may be coming in to play here as well. Keep us posted on your progress.
    Stay optimistic.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I would suggest to incorporate plenty of strength training into your weekly schedule. I’ve had several injuries but going back to these type of routines always gets me back to fitness. You have to listen to your body and back off when things don’t feel right, but with cross training and strength work you should begin to feel good.

  3. Hey Lisa,

    I feel your pain, literally! I also had my posterior surgery in January like you. I too have the tightness along the side of the thigh to the knee. I’ve just re-started running (if that is what you call this relearning process-more like a cross between a waddle and a jog). I think we are so impatient as runners we don’t allow our bodies to heal properly. Be patient. Stay optimistic and positive. Keep up conditioning work. Keep counting your blessings and remember how horrible that groin pain was!! THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

  4. Hey Lisa,

    I am 9 months out from my THR and while I can’t relate to the femur pain, I have experienced similar hip flexor pain. I would be willing to bet your problem (like mine) is the iliopsoas. I finally caved in to a cortisone shot in that area and have started an aggressive campaign to start stretching and strengthening the the Soas. There are a lot of great online videos that demonstrate how to do both. It can be a very difficult area to get to when it comes to stretching, but if this is indeed the case, I recommend checking it out.

    Good Luck,


  5. Hi Lisa, i had my THR last January also. I’ve been reffing HS Football the past 3 months with no problems. I also have that same thigh pain you speak of when I run It’s not horrible and Ive learned to ignore it. The joint itself definitely feels weird, but we get used to it. My Doc tells me the stronger I get my quad the better it will feel. So keep working hard and think how about how much you were hurting last year at this time. 🤔

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