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I’ve had three arthroscopy in six years and now my new doctor from HSS is going to do a posterior hip replacement next month. I’m nervous as hell. How long is the recovery and do I need to really be worried about dislocations? Will I be able to have a normal life and play basketball and do spartan races?

I’ve been in constant pain for six years but I was still able to do anything I wanted when coming to exercising, will this change?

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  1. Howdy, I’m a member of the board from a few years back. The posterior approach recovery time is longer and has post surgical precautions like no straight leg raises, hip rotation or sitting/bending at the waist past 90 degrees. Have you looked into the anterior approach or has your ortho chosen posterior for a particular reason?

    1. I’ve asked for the anterior approach but my doctor said he will need to do the posterior approach. I trust this doctors opinion since before he diagnosed what type of surgery was best he took my case to the hospital conference were 20 different doctors reviewed my charts

  2. I had the posterior approach and haven’t had to be concerned about any limitations. Tom’s your man about basketball but I know he’s played at a pretty good standard post THR. Everyone is different but the fitter you are going in and the more you work on strength training post operation the quicker and better your recovery will be. Good luck.

  3. I had a left posterior hip replacement on 1/30/17. I am a life-long basketball player and had resigned myself to giving it up when I made the decision to have the hip replacement in September 2016. After intense physical therapy, I returned to the court in early April of this year. Although it took a few months to fully get my basketball legs back, I am now playing twice a week at a level I have not seen in close to ten years! Candidly, I did not spend much time researching posterior vs. anterior as I had tremendous faith in my surgeon due to his reputation. Bottom line is that I have now forgotten that I even had a hip replacement as I come up on my one-year check up next month. Good Luck.

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