Six-month update

Hi all, just passed the 6 months mark with my THR right hip (BHR is coming up to 3 years this month) and I am starting to feel more like a runner again – first 5k was nearly 32 mins, 19th was 24:58 so that sub-25 target has been achieved. Part of the improvement is due to chiropractor attention to my lower back to ease stiff facet joints, and tight glutes. And I seem to be getting a bit fitter.

Still a strange pain on unweighting my right leg (like when putting socks on) but it is not apparently getting any worse…

Hope to start training properly in the near future, rather than just racing.


1 thought on “Six-month update

  1. Congrats on the sub 25. Great achievement! 6months is still pretty early on on the process. You will continue to see improvement as time passes. Keep us posted!

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