Second THR Monday !

The day has arrived! On Monday I will have my second THR. This time it’s my right hip. My left hip was successfully replaced 5 years ago at the age of 56.  I began running 5 months post op the first time up  until 3 months ago when the pain in my right hip STALLED my running. Two months ago I followed Tom’s advice and purchased a Zero Runner. I have been using it pain free and anticipate that it will become a permanent part of my  training post op. Thank you Tom! I don’t know how quickly I will begin using the Zero Runner post op but I am hopeful it will be within a few months. I will keep you all posted!

P.S. Tom’s video of him running “hands free” on the Zero Runner is amazing.

3 thoughts on “Second THR Monday !

  1. Best wishes for your op
    Not sure what the Zero runner is but sounds interesting – I will need to research.
    Hope you’ll be running soon

  2. Brian, congrats on the new hip! That Zero Runner will keep you sane. I have been battling a knee issue and the zero Runner allows me to continue to work out pain free. Set your goals. Stay optimistic! You will be back in no time!

  3. 5 days post op! Feeling good and pain is manageable with Tramadol. I should be using only Tylenol by Monday. Ditched the crutches today so I am further along then my first THR. I am anxious to get on the stationary bike and into the pool. So far so good!

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