Hope for better mobility

I am going in for a THR next Friday, the 22nd on my left hip. The plan is to go in from the front and use ceramic with a poly cup.  There are days when my back is very tight and I am looking forward to the surgery. There are also days when I feel great and I have to be reminded of why I am going through with this serious operation. Things like trying to tie my shoe, put socks on and walk or run with good form are big reminders. I hope it leads to a reduction in the numbness in my right foot.

3 thoughts on “Hope for better mobility

  1. How did it go? How r u feeling?

    I had mine done on 12/21. Swelling is starting to go down. Used walker for 3 days, moving around well without it today.

    Good luck and hope u have a speedy recovery!

  2. Following up on my surgery on Dec. 22, 2017. Surgery went very well, better than expected. Less pain than I expected. I was grateful not to have any nausea or amnesia. The absence of the previous hip and back pain was noticeable as I awoke from surgery. I was walking pretty well the same day with the walker. Off pain meds 3 days later. I thought I had an infection so I went to the emergency room where they gave me antibiotics. I started to have stomach aches a few days later and my surgeon said to stop taking the antibiotics and that I probably just had a virus given that there wasn’t any drainage from the incision. I don’t plan to start running until after my 6 week checkup, though I feel I could now. The numbness in my right foot seems to be dissipating. It’s been a good experience.

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