Officially Part of the Club

So I officially joined the club yesterday, LTHR. Was in and out of hospital in 12.5 hrs. Over did exercise a bit to get the epidural to wear off, that was a mistake.

Signed up for the San Jose Spartan Sprint Race on 3/24. Plan to do Trifecta in 2018.

Overall feeling good, just hard managing the idle time.


2 thoughts on “Officially Part of the Club

  1. While I totally admire your desire to do not only what you could before surgery by to push beyond and do more, as you should, please use caution. My doctor told me to treat my new hip like a broken leg and those take 6 to 8 weeks to heal. Plus you have some muscle and tendon damage due to surgery and then there’s those pesky nerves that may or may not ever heal. Almost 2 years later I still have some IT Band numbness due to surgery.

    Long story short, be active in your rehab but don’t get crazy. I was slowly running 3 months post surgery, but I also know that it took just over a year before I could say that I was better than I was with my worn out hip.

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