Merry Christmas, apex predators. May your gifts be massive and your hips well

Surgery: Dec 2, 2016. Ceramic into poly, right side.

Ran my longest since surgery, today, Dec 23, 2017: 20.2km. Went slow….

It was -1 C or about 32F. Doesn’t typically get that cold here. Must be that global cooling.

Merry Christmas. Drink your faces off.


I took a picture of this very handsome devil before he went on his run.

  • 20.2km
    Distance (?)
  • 2:17:26
     Moving Time
  • 6:47/km
Elapsed Time
Garmin Forerunner 305
Shoes: New Balance Don’t know. Blue poopers (414.5 km)

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, apex predators. May your gifts be massive and your hips well

  1. That’s great! Congrats.

    How long did it take for swelling to go down and where u were feeling “normal” after surgery? I am two days removed from surgery.


  2. Can’t remember how long it took to feel normal. After three months to the day or close to it, I walked with downhill ski poles a 10K trail loop took about 2:04. Today, one year and three weeks later, I ran 20k in 2:27 and I went slow today.

    BUT the right leg is still smaller than the left, so it takes awhile. My surgeon says a total of 2years. But I felt pretty normal for walk around and doing day to day thing (not endurance sports) few weeks??? I think.

    Be patient, everyone has a slightly different recovery – do the physio that they asked you to do…..

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