Scheduled for Bilateral THR

Hi, my name is Todd, I’m 59 year old, and I’m scheduled for bilateral THR on Jan 3, 2018. I’ve been active my whole life and like most people on this site I thought I would run, bike, hike, and ski until it was time to meet the maker. Unfortunately my hips had other plans, and yes, like so many others I thought my running days were over, and maybe they are. But at least now I have some hope that I will run again. Getting back to running would be awesome, but my bigger goal is just getting back to having an active lifestyle. It seems that when you can’t do what you love doing that your mental psyche is as big of a problem as your hips and it becomes difficult to maintain a positive attitude. Most active people have a pretty good outlook on life and are always looking forward to that next “adventure”, whatever it may be. I don’t know what the future holds for me, I’m very scared and nervous, but I do know that this is the only option I have to get back to some type of normalcy. So thank you to all that have posted, it really has helped me, particularly when I have to answer all of the questions from all my family, friends and co-workers, and if you were like me the first thing they do is blamed my running for my hip problems. Best of luck to everyone in 2018, and the question we all need to answer is “In 2018 I will ____?”

Todd Scholl

Avon, CO



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  1. Todd, Five years ago I was told that I needed a THR of my left hip and my right hip was not far behind. Of course I was devastated. Fortunately I found this website and was encouraged by Tom to be positive that I would run again after THR surgery. So after I ran the Boston Marathon in extreme pain I had my right hip replaced. After the operation I weight trained, biked and ran in a pool for 5 months. I then began running again and have added triathlons to my activities. Two weeks ago I had a THR of my right hip at age 61. I will follow the same plan as before and I know I will be back running again. I will replace much of my road running with running on my Zero Runner. You will run again!

  2. Todd,
    In 2018 you will be active again. You picked a great time for the surgery. Recovery will take a while and initially, the hip will not feel normal. But over time the hip will heal and you will get back to your old ways. I guarantee it! Best of luck to you and keep us posted.

    Hip Brother Tom

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