9 days until I join the club.

I am 9 days until surgery. I have googled everything I can think of concerning the surgery and recovery.

I have probably needed the replacement for at least 5 years, however I have always avoided doctors like the plague.  I have managed to play some basketball and compete in martial arts with great pain over the last few years. Walking long distances has become nearly impossible and running has not been an option at all.

I find myself 46 years old and now weighing 280 lbs.  I was used to half marathons and competing  at 215 lbs. I am very confident in getting the weight under control as I have already begun shedding a few pounds leading up to surgery even in the midst of the holidays.

I have not even met my surgeon yet. When I went for the consult I met with his nurse practioner who immediately began talking about therapy and pain management options.  I told him if he had a shot that would allow me to comfortably put my right sock on I would gladly entertain the idea, but if not we needed to do something else.  He then pulled my xray up on the computer and said “oh my, lets schedule your hip replacement immediately.  How in the world have you been walking?”

I am scheduled to meet with the doctor and see the prosthesis on January 4th.  I know he uses the Stryker brand, but I have read many different opinions about the prefered materials.

I have never been a serious runner, but I do miss it greatly.  I am going to assume that this doctor will seriously discourage running especially marathons.  I would also assume he would think I was nuts to want to fight in martial arts tournaments again!

So in closing I would appreciate opinions about what material type I should push for with my prosthesis. As well as what other activities some of you enjoy other than running that push the limits of having a replaced hip or hips!

Thank you in advance.

David Byrd




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  1. David! I was 46 when I got my replacement. It was a Stryker hip with a ceramic ball and a polyethylene cup. For you, I think I would recommend all ceramic as they wear better. Don’t let the doc get you down! You’ll see for yourself! Stay optimistic!

    1. Thanks Tom. I appreciate your advice and this community. Looking forward to a bunch of positove updates after my surgery!

  2. Hey David, I’m 36 years old and just had my right THR done last February. I have similar materials to what Tom has outlined above, and in the words of my surgeon, “he’s been putting these in for 17 years and no one has worn one out yet.” One of his patients does run marathons, so although he doesn’t RECOMMEND running as a preferred activity, he didn’t say it was “forbidden” either. I’ve had different surgeons give me different levels of warning about running: some say NO WAY and others simply say it’s not a preferred activity.

    I love running, so I decided to give it a go with a light jog about 2.5 months after the THR (which initially caused some back pain) and it felt really weird, so I started going to physical therapy. With their support and lots of plyometrics, I’m currently able to jog pretty easily, and have hopes that I may be able to even return to some sprinting and possibly playing soccer. TBD.

    Good luck with your THR!

    – Olivia

    1. Thanks Olivia,

      Looking forward to seeing if I can surprise everyone with my recovery time.

      I will be sure to give updates.



  3. Hi David:

    I am 45, just joined the club on 12/21. I was a very competitive Judo player for a long time (fought in ’96 Olympic trials). I trained for my surgery by shedding a few pounds, getting my nutrition right (high protein/low carb), and doing a lot high intensity metabolic workouts.

    Post surgery, I have been taking a very active approach to recovery, while continuing to watch my nutrition closely. Within 12 days, I have been back to the gym, lifting and riding the lifecycle. At first, I used my walker and did >1 mile of hill repeats (neighbor thought I was nuts). I have been keeping a log of my activity along with how I have been feeling. Drop a note to LenTedeschi@yahoo.com if u want to see it.

    What I have learned is more activity makes my head feel better, but hip swells up. As a competitive athlete, you know the fine line between pushing and over doing. I have over done it a few times. Body reminded me with a fever and stomach issues.

    At first I avoided the narcotic pain men’s, but decided they were a good friend at night. When I wasn’t excercising, I was icing, keeping my leg elevated and resting. This seems to have helped.

    Good luck! Drop a note if I can help.


    1. Thanks Len, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I too will take an active approach to recovery, I am sure I will pay the price as well until I figure out the right amount to push.

      I will shoot you an email in a few days to see you progresss and will keep you up to date on my recovery.

      Thanks again.


  4. David,
    I got my THR almost 2 years ago, it was the ceramic / poly type. The doctor recommended against the ceramic / ceramic because it can “squeak”, not like a rusty hinge but “you” would feel it. That may have changed but as it’s been stated, the ceramic / poly’s have almost 2 decades in some and their still going. So do not be afraid of the ceramic / poly’s.

    My rehab went as follows; one night stay, 4 days with a walker and 2 more weeks with a cane. 3 weeks total off work. I took all the meds that I was given but never asked for more, and by the end of the 3rd week I was mostly pain free and out of meds. My advise on meds “take them!”. If you skip taking them then you will pick up bad habits as you rehab, this will lengthen your rehab and possibly cause injury. Someone that skips taking meds isn’t tough, their fools.

    After 3 weeks I started walking, took a month before I could walk 2 miles, 3 months before I could run one mile, after 6 months I could run a 5k. No idea of how long it’ll take for you to do Judo again, but almost 2 years later I still would not consider kicking anything with that leg.

    1. Thanks Rich,

      I met with the doctor today and he was in the not recommending running camp but readily admitted he had no data to support the idea that it would wear dramatically faster running.

      I will be receiving the ceramic on poly and I will be sure to post my recovery story.

      Thanks again


  5. Best of luck, I’m 53 and had mine 5 weeks ago. I’m at a much lighter weight 175# which I think was a huge help. I did a 1/2 mile walk 5 days after my surgery and ran 2 miles on it 3 weeks after that. I have my 6 week follow up next week and will look for more guidance as far as max weight I can lift and what distances I should be walking. Right now I’m walking 3 miles every day at a 15-16 minute mile depending on the day. Overall I’m extremely happy with the procedure and don’t miss the pain at all. Hope all goes well for you.


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