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Hey all, just a note to say hello and seek opinions. Had to have a Total Hip replacement performed on the 27th of November. I have been ultra running and biking up until about a year prior to the surgery and then running shorter 5-10K distances and concentrating on elevation / stadium repeats up until the surgery. Had the replacement on a Monday and was walking / driving on Friday with out any meds other than Tylenol. Im in my 5th week and decided to hit the trails and ran a very soft / slow 14 minute mile 2 mile run. I’m thinking I may be pushing things but am knocking out 3 mile walks each day at a 15-16 minute mile. Going for my 6 week followup next Tuesday and hoping to be released to go back to my FF/EMT job. Any words of wisdom out there? Thanks for any advice in advance.


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  1. Hi Ed! How was your recovery after the trail run? Any soreness or limping? I had my THR on Nov 2 and haven’t attempted running yet‚ only walking on the treadmill with a really steep incline to target glute strength.

  2. Hey there Janice, I would say yes a little sore and stiff but nothing terrible. My better judgement says we need to wait much longer before we try this but wanted other options. My doctor is absolutely against running I have tried to tell him how you can run and not trash your hips by modifying your side to avoid heavy heal strikes. I to have been using the treadmill on a 15% incline @ 3.5 MPH for a 1 mile walk with no issue. Hope to hear good things from you in the near future.

  3. Hi Ed,
    Let your hip and your better judgement be your guide. The hip will let you know when you are doing too much. Then take a few days off and try again. Over time, the hip will start accepting that you want to run again and it will stop barking so much. For me, that didn’t happen until about 16 months in……be patient, listen to the hip and stay optimistic! Here’s to running in 2018!

  4. I had THR in June. I didn’t run until the 12 week mark at the advice of 3 physical therapists who said to wait til the 3 month mark. Surgeon recommends no running but needless to say not listening to that. 5 week mark might be a little too soon to run. Have you asked your physical therapist? So many muscles need to heel and strengthen to support the new hip. True it’s important to listen to the hip but be realistic. You had major surgery just over a month ago. Give your body time to heel. You will be happy in the end

    1. No my PT released me after 6 visits with the opinion I was doing unbelievably well. Your advice is very sound and I shall definitely ease up. Thanks for sharing your experience. Safe running!

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