Today is the day!

Heading to the hospital for surgery in 30 minutes. I can’t wait to actually become a hiprunner. Being a hipwalker will just not cut it!

4 thoughts on “Today is the day!

  1. Update: I had the surgery on 1-10-18 at around 5 pm. They started on me last and took around 2.5 hours to complete me. I ended up staying the night since it was already after 9 pm before I got back to my room. I got home on the 11th at around 11:30 a.m.

    The doctor told my wife that mine osteoarthritis was one of the worse he had ever seen at my age and it took a lot of extra time to prepare the socket.

    I had a pretty easy time in the hospital until getting into the car the first time! I walked a total of three times yesterday once at the hospital and twice at home. Trust is one of the main problems, seems hard to believe that the hip will hold with that much muscle pain but what should I expect after 5 years of atrophy.

    Would like to be moving more but for now I just need to listen to my body and ice ice ice. My biggest issue right now is sitting on the toilet, my quad is so tight at the moment.

    I probably slept less than 15 minutes per hour overnight at the hospital and just woke up from my first sleep at home of 4.5 hours.

    I truly wish I had more patience. Any tips on getting more comfortable fast would be appreciated.

    Thanks hippies!

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