3 hip surgery in 2017; now hip snapping syndrome


right  posterior approach 01/09/17

left posterior approach 02/13/17

left revision posterior approach 12/13/17

(pic attached – the hip removed was my gift from the OR team)

running is currently a distant memory but also a goal….

currently battling a severe hip snapping syndrome in the left groin my surgeon seems uninterested

but after my year – i’m scared of dislocating…

the noise alone scares the crap out of my husband but the full leg jerk and me shouting in pain tends to also get some looks 😉

it happens at various times – no ONE movement makes it happen.

anyone else experience this??


5 thoughts on “3 hip surgery in 2017; now hip snapping syndrome

  1. hello,
    I will be a medical attendant to my mother who will be going through a hip replacement in a few weeks. we will be in a different country and continent from our own, away from our comfort zone, family and anything really familiar. I am very nervous and doing as much research about the place we will be in and the surgery itself. I have no medical experience. from your perspective having gone through or going through this experience, what advice would you give me as a medical attendant?

    1. Hi Sibongile. Hip Surgeries are pretty routine these days. Provide her with all of the support she needs, but be confident knowing that she will be up and walking around in a relatively short time. Your biggest concern should be that she may try to do too much too soon. Her hip should feel 1 million times better after she has it replaced.

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