10 Day Post Bilateral THR

Hi all,

Just an update on getting bi-lateral THR, it’s been 10 days since my surgery. The first week was rough, nausea, lightheadedness, and major swelling around the whole groin area and lower part of the stomach. To replace both hips at the same time is very traumatic on your body, I’m not sure that I would both sides at the same time. Today I’m feeling much better and I’ve been walking for the last 3 days without any aid, and I’m going to the gym to work out on the elliptical machine. I would walk the neighborhood but there’s snow on the road and I don’t want to risk slipping. The hips feel good, and getting up and walking was never an issue after the surgery, it was just the trauma of having both hips replaced at the same time that was the issue. So, for anyone thinking about having bi-lateral THR, I wouldn’t say don’t do it, but be aware that the first week might be very difficult for your body to recover from.


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  1. Wow, I wondered about a bi lateral replacement! Thanks for posting and keep us updated. Personally for me the hip was not the issue during my recovery (anterior six weeks ago). The issue was with bruising and extreme pain in my leg which lasted for about 4 weeks. Things are much better now, I ran a little 2 mile test trail run 2 weeks ago and it was great. Hope the pin is not too bad and you get up and running soon.


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