Starting back

Hello everyone, I had my THR last year (Sept 25th 2017) and yesterday managed a quarter of a mile run at 12:30 pace – utterly thrilled as it was my first attempt and means the only way is up from here!! Glad to know you all.

9 thoughts on “Starting back

  1. Sounds great,keep up the great work,i did my second THR 7/9-17 everything went well and i run Budapest maraton 15/10-17 (5:37:03)much is up in your head,my advise is do things that feels good even what other people says.
    Best regards Anders Jelander.

  2. Welcome back to running! This is my first time to post a comment here! had a THR in september 2012. I run, wog, walk….WHATEVER MY BODY FEELS LIKE. i don’t do anything that hurts. Have run a few 5k’s…nothing huge. I am just thankful that I can still run–maybe 20, 25 miles a week, when i was told i’d never run again. thankful for this site! 🙂

  3. Wow! I’m so happy to have found this site. I’ve been so bumming that I’ve been told I shouldn’t run anymore. Did 20-30 miles a week, mostly on soft, beautiful trails of Greensboro, NC, for almost 15 years. Just had my THR on 11/7/2017 at 62 years old. I’ve been doing the elliptical, walking, biking and pickle ball, but really miss running, so I’m thankful for y’all!!!

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