6 weeks post LTHR

I had a LTHR on 12/21/17. Doc gave me the all clear on Monday,1/29.  I had been lifting, using the lifecycle, elliptical and doing burpees without much issue prior to Monday. However, I wasn’t able to run very well, and had lots of pain after.

Tuesday I went for my first “official run”, a whopping 1.1miles, at a 9:13 pace. While I felt a bit like a 3 legged dog, it was a start. Most importantly, I didn’t have much pain after. Looking forward to a run tmw, and many more after.

l should have gotten this done 3 years ago!

3 thoughts on “6 weeks post LTHR

  1. Congrats on the run! That is great news. Your hip is your guide. Listen to it and take breaks when you need to. It will always bounce back…..always. Stay optimistic through these first 12 to 18 months. You may have some down days. The hip is still healing. Every day it will get stronger and and you will feel less and less like a three legged dog.

  2. Good advice, thank you. Today I ran 3.1 miles, total pace was an 8:50, last mile was 8:20. Felt less like a 3 legged dog today. Encouraging…

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