The HipRunner Nation is 1000 strong

Today marks a momentous occasion for the HipRunner Nation! We just signed up our One Thousandth member!  The Crazy Canuck Robert Henri signed up today to help us reach that milestone.  Expect to hear great things from Hip Runner 1000!


2 thoughts on “The HipRunner Nation is 1000 strong

  1. Glad to be the one to push membership to 1000😊, but I got to thank all those before for their contributions. The stories and tips have been a big help in giving me realistic benchmarks and targets. The doctors and physiotherapists I’ve seen are not equipped to advise motivated and athletic-minded individuals.
    Its been 28 day since my LTHR and except for the few safety restrictions, I religiously follow, I’m ecstatic with the results, including being able to use all my gyms vast array of leg machines and do both <90° olympic bar squats and deadlifts, and walk for over an hour; pain and limp free.
    My question, is when is it realistic to start to jog. Up until now all my exercises have been controlled and low impact, so any tips on entering this next phase, without undue risk of retarding my recovery, would be most welcome.
    Thx in advance

    1. Hi Mr 1000! 🙂
      My doc advised that I shouldn’t try anything until I was 3 months out. After that it was a slow process and I really had to listen to my hip and take extra recovery days when necessary. By about 18 months, I was back to being the runner that I used to be.

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