This crazy hip…..

This is one crazy hip. I’m listening to it but it is very wishy washy.  One day its telling me to slow down, and the next its like a horse waiting to be let out of the chute.  Today I ran on the treadmill.  A very quick workout….but the final 2 minutes were at 6 minute mile pace.  The hip could have gone farther……When the hip is telling me to slow down….it wears on me.  Little doses of these small achievements help me to remain optimistic.


20 Week Report

It was hot and sunny when we went on our monument run.....

Over the weekend, we traveled  back to Washington DC to see our oldest son Ryan graduate from Georgetown.  The weekend was packed and busy, but Ryan and I had time to go on one of his favorite runs.  The run passes by several of the monuments.   This run had been the longest I’ve done since Bloomsday.  It felt good, especially to be out running with Ryan.  It’s hard to believe that its been 4 years since we first dropped him off for college.   Time flies.  Speaking of time flying, my hip is kind of stalled right now.  Not getting worse…not improving.  Time is NOT flying fast enough for me and this hip.  I can’t complain though.  The pain is minimal especially compared to how it was before the hip replacement.  The hip does get tight and achy,  but I don’t limp around like I used to.  I should count my blessings.  After four and 1/2 months, I was able to run the monuments with my graduating son.  I wouldn’t have guessed that.  It will be a memory that I will cherish forever.


18 Week Report

One would think that running 10 minutes slower than last year’s Bloomsday would be cause for a nervous breakdown.  Not me.  The picture above says it all.  I had a quiet goal when I jumped off of the camera truck and prepared to join the masses and run my first Bloomsday since the hip replacement.  Take it easy…..break an hour.  Well, it wasn’t quite THAT easy….but I did break the hour barrier and I felt good when I finished.  At mile 7, my hamstring started crying foul.  It held on though and even though it was tight at the finish, I survived without injury.  Day 2 after Bloomsday, and my hip has pretty much asked me to take a little time off…..I’m listening.  After all, that hip needs to be ready for Hoopfest in 2 months.  Awww optimism……love it!


Bloomsday 2012…in the books.

Watching the race unfold from the camera truck was a new perspective....

What a great day it was.  Mother nature played nice and gave us perfect weather for the 50,000+ runners who ran this awesome event.  I was given the opportunity to ride in the camera truck ahead of the elite men and it was a fantastic experience.  I hiptwitted a picture from each mile mark……sorry they are out of order.   Watching the elites glide their way over this course……just amazing.  Last year’s second place finisher Allan Kiprono, a Kenyan, took the win this year.  Nobody challenged him over the final 2+ miles.  Afterwards….I jumped in with the green group and ran it.  55 and change for me (I think).  I’ll take it ….. for now.  All is well in this runner’s world……


17 Week Report – (4 MONTHS)

For the first time ever, I will be riding in the camera truck, right in front of the elite runners at Bloomsday this year.  I’m pretty excited.  It will be great to watch these gazelles go at it.  So fast, so soft footed with strides that are pure and smooth.  I think I will tweet the leader at each mile mark….we’ll see.  The truck will finish in about 34-35 minutes.  There will still be people waiting to start the race.  I “could” line up with them…….hmmmm……hmmmm….hmmmmm.  Should I keep the 29 year streak going? Hmmmmm…..hmmmmmm……….hmmmmm. The hip feels ok….like a dull toothache.  I feel it more on colder days….but each day running gets easier and easier……hmmmm……….it will be a race day decision.  But I’m pretty optimistic.





If I had to guess who coined this statement,  I would have to say this statement belonged to Scott Roy, the founder of the Team Blaze Spokane Triathlon Club here in Spokane Washington.  Scott passed away suddenly this weekend.   I didn’t know him personally, but in reading about him today, he puts life into perspective for me. He was a respected coach/mentor/friend of the running/triathlon community here in Spokane.  Scott had a mechanical valve placed in his heart in 2010.  In 2011 he completed an Ironman triathlon as well as the Portland Marathon.   It is my honest opinion, that although he did not coin the statement above, Scott lived happy.  Hip Shmip!  Scott you truly were an inspiration.

Read here to learn more about the inspiration he was……

Great Workout with the SDP Boys

I ran with the SDP boys last night.  It was terrific.  The hip still has some pain….kind of like a toothache……but it is manageable.  My goal was simple….don’t make them wait for me.  We had a great out and back workout on the Centennial Trail out by Spokane Falls Community College.  The weather was perfect and I was able to hold my own.  I still have a ways to go before I’m back to where I was at this time last year, but I got a great workout in anyways.  Another 7 miles…under the belt.

I know in time I will be back.  It is more than just hoping… is a fact.   I just have to remain patient and positive.  In the meantime, I’m giving the hip the time it needs to fully recover, not pushing too hard…and backing off when it tells me to.  So far….it is working and my level of optimism is at an all time high.

Jeremy Update

Getting to first way or another....

My fellow hip brother Jeremy sent me a status report yesterday.  For those of you who don’t know, Jeremy had his hip replaced 2 weeks after I did.  You can catch up on his posts here.  As you may recall, he is a big softball player.  His hip has been bothering him and he visited the doctor to have it checked out……He let me know how he is progressing…..

Went to the doctor on Thursday   He said that I should probably get involved in P.T. I will check into it this week. A little discouraged that I am not progressing any better.

Fast forward to tonight. Our third softball game (couldn’t make the first two due to Radiohead and my anniversary) and I was eager to play.  I knew I could run very well but I wanted to go anyway.

I pitched both games with zero walks and it felt ok.  As for batting, my worst nightmare was having to run out a ground ball.  What do I do my first time up, well a slow roller towards third.  My mind said run, but my body said what the heck are you thinking.

A pre birthday miracle happened and I beat out the throw. I went 4 for 5 with 2 doubles.

It only reminded me that I have a lot of work to do.  P.T. Here I come.  And a massage and about 20 beers.

Hope all is well.


Your hip brother. J.


Jeremy knows how to just embrace the pain…and enjoy life!  You go Jeremy!


Week 16 Report (Almost 4 Months)

It was a great hot weekend.  After returning home on Sunday from a 50th birthday party in Seattle,  the sun pulled me out to go on my longest run of the year.  I ran the Bloomsday course.  It is still fairly early in the year, so all of my normal stops for water were of no use – the water hadn’t been turned on yet.  Needless to say, by the time I got to the top of Doomsday hill, I was parched.  Then I thought about my running friends who ran the Boston Marathon this year.  They ran 26.2 miles in heat that was hotter than this.  Knowing how I felt at the top of Doomsday, I couldn’t help but admire their performances.  If it weren’t for the kind offering of water from  2 little old ladies who were working in their garden, I might still be sprawled out somewhere on that course.  Regardless of the heat, I was able to complete that course in a reasonable time.  So I started thinking to myself…….maybe I CAN run Bloomsday……hmmmmm….I HAVE run it for 29 straight years….hmmmmm.


To Process

Over the sunny weekend I ran into my neighbor/friend Karen who was walking home after a run.  She had knee braces on.  Her knees are pretty shot.  She is one tough cookie.  Prior to the bad knees she was a regular in the elite field of women at Bloomsday.  She said she just had to get out because she needed to “process” things.  I think you need to be a runner to understand the concept…but I couldn’t have agreed with her more.  Pain or no pain….running is therapeutic.